Cap & jumper: Stella McCartney, clutch: Acne, watch: topshop, sunnies & skirt: fashiolista.com, heels: Gianvito Rossi, bracelet: fashiolista.com, rings: asos.com

Adore this Stella McCartney jumper, isn’t it amazing?!? want want want! this would be my stella dream outfit, with a nice tight leather skirt, the jumper over the skirt, the Rossi heels, white clutch, fun sunnies, cap, and silver jewellery! oh yeah!! Do you like? :) It’s quite a sporty chic look! And you know me, I love the sporty trend, such a fun trend to play around with!

I just came home, after spending my day with a friend of mine, we took some pics, that turned out real nice! will show you them this week! Right now, I’m waiting for my pizza to get done, and then I’m gonna enjoy that while watching Peep show, watched the episodes so many times, but I can never get tired of Jeremy and Mark! If you want to watch a fun tv show, I recommend this one!






Jeans: Cheap Monday, shirt: unknown, jumper & backpack: rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, necklace: h&m, sunnies: topshop

Wore this leopard printed jumper today, haven’t worn it for ages! Thought I’d give it a go! Oh u can see the sun on the pics, oh it was so nice! Now, I might have some more of that pavlova cake, yummyy! can’t get enough!! ha! xx




Hello helloo! Right now I’m dying my hair AGAIN, ohh my it has a life of it’s own nowadays.. no but I’m a bit fed up, reason why is cause  I’ve been dying my hair with “Crazy color” and have now noticed that it fades out only after a few days! and that’s without me washing it! Been confuced cause thought Crazy color was really good, but read last night that “Directions” is supposed to be the best hairdye that lasts longer! So gonna buy that one tonight, cause it’s annoying and mind you expensive to have to dye your hair every week!

Alright better wash it out now, hope it turns out ok!



I’m so in love with “5 inch and up”‘s outfit, the one on the left, love that combo, the gorgeous sophie hulme navy bag, with that cosy jumper, such a win win! All of these three are such hot outfits! I love Victoria Törnegren’s leather trousers, was planning to buy em but then they sold out… oh well I was sneaky cheeky and bought a pair of leather trousers online last night!

Which one is your fave outfit?


acne cxluu

This Acne chain clutch is real nice! Don’t you think? As you might know I’m not much for carrying bags and such, used to love it, but it’s slowly coming back to me now!

Oh I have a bit of a headache today, ouch, not fun! maybe it’s because I’m debating in my head if I shall do some online shopping or not… spotted a kenzo jumper and the leather trousers from Nowhere that I blogged about the other day, Shall I? really really tempting!





Jumper: urban outfitters, jeans: cheap monday, leather jacket: rokit vintage, denim shirt: levi’s, shoes: creepers underground, necklace: vintage

Went for some burgundy today as you can see!

Now my throught is being a bit fishy with me, really hope I’m not about to get ill!



Lately I am feeling the love for this brand , Nowhere they sell it at nelly.com, So in love with those leather trousers, might actually buy em, as a x mas gift for myself, that’s ok isn’t it? And that grey jumper, OH want want! But that one will have to wait, That black coat is wicked too, but it would drown me so no.

Now need to get ready going over to my brother’s place!



Just watched a great documentary about Twiggy and the swinging London, Oh wouldn’t it be cool to experience the late 60’s in London?!

I just realized what has happened in Conneticut today, thoughts to the ones who where there and the suffering families!

And america if you can’t realize that it’s time to illegalize weapons after this, then I have no words.