adiiidaaiiir IMG_8747

Photographer: Michael Jones

Dress: topshop, track jacket: adidas, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: it’s really a necklace, from h&m. necklace: åhléns, rings: h&m

Some pics we took when my boyfriend was here visiting :) like?

Today I’ve had a quite chilled out day, went to my sister’s place and had some nice dinner and a chocolate cheesecake she’s made, yum! :) We also made a quick little roadtrip to the beach, but it was freezing, so we left after like 10 min.. , it was real pretty there though!

P.s I’m right now listening to old tunes by eminem, random yes! ha


burger ny

burger 1IMG_8449

burger airIMG_8556

Denim jacket, vest, shorts: rokit vintage,shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: thomas sabo, rings: gina tricot

I live by a burger place which apparently sells the biggest sausage in Sweden, (it says that on that massive orange sign) well well didn’t know that, pretty exciting ey! ha!

I went for a pretty pastel look the other day, blue, pink and purple hair!

This really random thing happened when me and my boyfriend took these pics, first when we got there, we noticed this mc bike kinda looking man inside the hamburger place buying food, he kept stearing at us for a long time, and once he bought his food, he left the hamburger place with a woman , they sat down in their car, while still staring at us, then he drove away, 5 mins later we noticed that he drove back, this time without the woman, he parked his car, and slowly walked up to us, kept staring, came real close, which we thought was quite uncomfortable.

Then he said “can I ask you what you’re doing?” I went “Just taking some pics for my blog” he said: “I noticed you took pics when I was inside the hamburger place, if you’ve taken any pics of me or of my car, I want you to delete them now!” Then he went back to his car and drove off again.

Super dodgy or what?! I got so irritated once he left, thought to myself, why the fuck would two people in their twenties be interested in taking pics of you , you self centered creep! Aghh, made me so angry! Hope I won’t run into that man again!



Going on 23, oh my, it’s my birthday next week, scary, don’t wanna turn 23, not that 22 was a good age.. but still, time to grow up!

Moving on, I made the most amazing dinner tonight, chicken with bacon,  sweetpotatoes and asparagus, mm I say! And for dessert we had some cake that my nephew had done, woho!  success indeed!



Above from left: Leather shorts: fashiolista.com, pink rouge: Topshop, Acne shoes, underneath from left: Givenchy tee, Chanel lipstick, leather tee: topshop

A few things that are on the top of my wishlist atm! Quite into pink makeup lately, think it’s very springy and cute! Also found this leather tee from Topshop, want want want! A pair of leather shorts for summer, NEED! A givenchy look alike tee, a baggy one! And check out this Acne show, how cool aren’t they?!? Pretty cool!

P.s. just realised that it’s already 7 o clock! Oh my, time is running fast today!, Also went out to pick up my new hairdye, I always order from THIS swedish website, think they’re good, you get the products in 2 or 3 days! Since I started dying my hair purple I’ve used Crazy Color, but noticed that it doesn’t last long at all! I have to redye it every week! So I googled it, and read that the brand “Directions” is supposed to be better, therefore I ordered two of the  violet color, Directions, and thank god I ordered two, cause they’re tiny!!! Super small! 80ml, I think it’s in one, in crazy color there was at least 100 ml in a bottle, So I hope this brand is better now and more long lasting, cause it was like 18 pounds for those two tiny ones… but I always mix it with conditioner so it lasts longer, also a great thing if you want a lighter colour ;) ! xx


Tee: topshop, necklace: h&m

 Alright, first thing first, I’m wearing shorts underneath, looks like I’m not wearing anything, but I am! ha, and second, I have new bed sheets! stripes hello! exciting times indeed! haha.

Hope you’re having a great friday night! xx




Alright, I’m gonna try to say this without sounding like a crazy person, I have this theory that the day (not if) I meet Justin Timberlake, we’re immediately gonna become bffs! (Just felt that I needed to throw that out there!) Andy Samberg too! Love that man! And when this happens I’m hoping to get to see THIS live!  “The lonely island” might be the best ever. Who’s with me?!