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Hello!  Woke up like an hour ago… naughty, I know, anyways, just had my breakfast/lunch, as many of you like to call it, talked to my man, and now I’d thought I’d give some sunday fashion inspo from Stockholm fashion week!  We have here some gorgeous outfits, I love em all! The last look with the bomber jacket, is brilliant! Also Angelica Blick’s plastic heels, hello want! the neon and denim combo, hot hot! The classic minimalistic look with the grey top and black trousers, also gorgeous!

Which outfit is your fave? :)

Now it’s time for me to get ready, gonna go out with my mum and look at some garden furniture, exciting YES! ha..  have a great day everyone! xxx




Here’s a little sneak peek of the outfit coming up today! :)

So happy with these pics!! My dear friend Clara has taken the photos, and the location was also her idea, and it turned out so good! Can’t wait to show them all to you! So stay tuned ;) Really hope you like the pics too! :)

Saturday today, I’m having a cosy day in I believe, all my friends are working today, so just gonna stay in and sort out some blog stuff! :) What are you guys doing today?

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Levi’s vest: Rokit vintage, Leather jacket: rokit vintage , boots: rokit vintage, jeans: cheap monday, shirt: emilio, backpack: rokit vintage, lipstick: make up store colour mandy

Wore my new lipstick when we were out and about, so in love with it! Hot pink, yes! makes every outfit so much more fun! :) you like?

I’ve had a proper “taking care of myself” day today!, dyed my hair, had on a face mask and such, yes I did good! Then I sat in the sun at our balcony while having some nice tea and food! real nice :) tonight I’m gonna watch the voice uk, wooop all excited, ha, it’s mine and my boyfriend’s secret obsession. not so secret now though..




Some black things on my wishlist right now, a pair of black skinny low waisted jeans, that I will wear a silver and black belt to! The Zara heels are lush! A pair of 90’s style boots are well cool! The bomber jacket from issue 1.3 is real nice, kinda wished I’d buy a quilted bomber, cause that’s what I really wanted before I bought my bomber, but couldn’t find a quilted one at the time.. well well. Also I’m loving the skirt, might go for it!



Top row from left: tee and sunnies:, backpack: the row, second row: moschino belt, necklace from rings: balenciaga, last row: shorts: fashiolista, shoes: balenciaga, chanel nailpolish

Oh how I would love to wear this outfit! not now obviously, cause the winter over here doesn’t seem to be in a hurry…take ur time winter, just TAKE UR TIME..  but in the summer! oh yeah! Check out the balenciaga rings, want want want!! And a leather tee! I would obviously tuck the tee in a bit in the front, so u could see the belt!

Now enough dreaming! I need to get my hair done! xx



Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney, Rodarte

Give me these three items someone! please ?! :) especially the stella boots and the rodate jacket, amazing!!!

Now, need to get ready, gonna go into town! todels, and hey, I have a little Prague photo diary coming up here ;) xx



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Some details from my outfits!

I overslept big time today, not good, now my brain feels a bit dead, cause of too much sleep, well well, should really go out and get some air today but I just can’t be bothered, beeing a lazy one today, Also been thinking, I bored with my hair, again.. so might dye it this week, have a bit of a crazy idea in my head, it can either look well cool, or a major disaster, well it’s just hair really, if it goes wrong, I can just dye it brown again!