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Hello!  Woke up like an hour ago… naughty, I know, anyways, just had my breakfast/lunch, as many of you like to call it, talked to my man, and now I’d thought I’d give some sunday fashion inspo from Stockholm fashion week!  We have here some gorgeous outfits, I love em all! The last look with the bomber jacket, is brilliant! Also Angelica Blick’s plastic heels, hello want! the neon and denim combo, hot hot! The classic minimalistic look with the grey top and black trousers, also gorgeous!

Which outfit is your fave? :)

Now it’s time for me to get ready, gonna go out with my mum and look at some garden furniture, exciting YES! ha..  have a great day everyone! xxx


Pics: tumblr, google, style by kling, angelica blick blog

The shorts trend is real on for this season! The more tailored style!

How do you feel about this trend?

I think it’s a real cool trend, add a nice blazer/jacket and you’re look is complete! I have my leather ones which are baggy and longer, that I’ve been wearing loads on this holiday
I’m on now, they’re so comfy and real versatile! Love em!
Wouldn’t mind getting another pair of shorts, baggy and longer which aren’t in leather, well we’ll see! :)



Last night I came across this great post from one of the blogs I follow, Emiliexo, she had made a post about the danish model Freja Beha’s tattoes, (she’s the one on the last two pics) you can read it HERE!  And I got so inspired, and felt like I needed to make an ink post too!

I don’t have any tattoes, basically on my dad’s side no one’s got tattoes, he HATES tattoes , and on my mum’s side everyone pretty much has tattoes, my uncles has these bad ass ones, with naked ladies on their arms, and such, proper old school! Also my cousin is one of the best tattoo artists in sweden, here’s his website Bobbys tattoo parlor, so I do know where to go, if in need. Basically when my boyfriend comes over now in April, he’s gonna get tattoed by my cousin, so obviously it crossed my mind, “hm, shall I get one too?” But I don’t know, I do have something in mind, that I would like to get tattoed, but we’ll see when it happens!

I love all of these tattoes above! Freja really has some wicked ones! Always thought it would be wicked with a revolver tattoed, or some words, I’m into these clean smaller tattoes, on me, on boys I want a LOT of tattoes, the more the better!

Also, in my last post yesterday “lovestoned” after posting it I noticed that maybe the title of the post was a bit odd, almost sounds like I’m lovestoned in justin timberlake and andy samberg, in a creepy way or something, haha, no no, just thought of timberlake’s song lovestoned, that’s why!

Woo, have a lot to say today don’t I! Just need to point out I got my package from Topshop delivered today, wohoo! happy times!!



above from left: jil sander, givenchy, underneath from left: jil sander, acne

Oh how much I would like to lay my hands on these puppies!!!

Think these plastic jil sander bags are well cool! The Acne clutch with it’s chain, wowza! And the one the only the Givenchy tote bag, SO in love with it!!

Now, back to the shower, the hair experiment continues!



Three casual great looks! Love Victoria Törnegren’s jacket to the left, she has designed it with the website romwe, think it’s wicked! Angelica to the right, her combo is well cool! And the boyfriend jeans in the middle bit folded upl, hot!