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Gosh I am nesting away, day by day I build up my fantasy home in my head, and last night I did a bit of dreamy browsing and got even more inspired! white & bright, oh yes!

pics: tumblr, hoyss, my own shoes pic 

My puppies


My lovely puppies! Love love love!

Today I’m going over to my sister’s place, she’s going away in the evening so I’m gonna stay over and “babysit” my nephew, but he’s a teenager so he’s gonna be by his computer all night, therefore I’ve invited two of my friends to come over and wine with me!

Also thought if try out my sis’ new treadmill, oh yeah gonna have a little run I will! During day time that is!


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blue newIMG_9155

 Blazer: Gina Tricot (old) similar HERE!/Jeans: HERE!/Heels: from Macedonia/ Thick gold bracelet: & other stories, similar and cheaper HERE!/Link bracelet: GoGo Phillip you can find it HERE!/Rings: h&m/Necklace: Ur & Penn/Sunnies: Topshop

All Black.











pics by Lina Borg, edit by me

Leather skirt: Cubus, tee & bomber jacket: gina tricot, heels: bought in macedonia, sunnies: topshop, jewellery: ur & penn

Thought I’d take out this quilted leather skirt for a little spin! Long time no see it was! Don’t usually wear skirts or dresses, much more of a trousers, shorts kinda gal!

Me and the man are right now at my friends place for a crayfish event/dinner, it’s a swedish tradition, where you gather many friends or family and eat lots of crayfish! And I’ve never been to one of these little events, so this is all new to me and my boyfriend!!! Exciting times!


goldeeennn klar

Top & shorts: h&m trend, clutch: Minusey.com, heels: from Macedonia, sunnies: topshop

Remember these golden shorts? Oh love em! Sadly there’s not gonna be anymore shorts from now on it looks like, according to the weather.. it’s cold nowadays! Oh well, can’t really complain, we had a lush summer this year, suprisingly good for Sweden!

And I like autumn, kinda been looking forward to christmas lately.. obviously I haven’t told anyone this… cause people just go “CHRISTMAS?!? WHAT, YOU CRAZY?!? we want more summer!” But for some reason I just have this longing for autumn and christmas times feeling inside… a bit weird maybe, considering last year we had like the longest winter EVER! We all got pretty fed up with it, and just went cray as soon as we saw the sun for the first time after 6 months of ice cold winter. But maybe this time around winter doesn’t have to be that long?  and just be a cosy few months! One can only hope!













Skirt: Weekday, top: Monki, heels: Bought in Macedonia, leather jacket: Rokit Vintage

This is my new top from Monki, which I LOVE, it has very fast become one of my fave items! Just love that it’s high neck, you can wear it to casual looks, but also for going out, with black skinnies, and some bling bling! Me likey!

I’ve been spending my day in our allotment with the family, such a warm and nice day! :) And my 4 year old nephew wanted to stay the night at ours, so we’re having a little guy running around here :) cosy! Gonna go and cuddle up with him now! xx