Inspire me



Gosh I am nesting away, day by day I build up my fantasy home in my head, and last night I did a bit of dreamy browsing and got even more inspired! white & bright, oh yes!

pics: tumblr, hoyss, my own shoes pic 

erin wasson nnn


Erin Wasson, a model, actress, designer, occasional stylist and not to mention a massive style icon! I just love everything about her style and always have done, and just when I was thinking that it wasn’t possible to love her even more , yesterday I found out that it sure is!

As I saw that my fave streetstyle blog stylesnooperdan had posted this pic of Erin in the leather trousers with the white shirt, white jacket, those heels, raybans and with the hair up in a massive ponytail ,aghh got a bit of a fashion orgasm! Best outfit I’ve seen anyone in for a while! Just casually cool! wow! Don’t you think?!?



A bit of a late update today, sorry! But my internet was down before for some reason, so couldn’t post anything before I left to have lunch with some friends of mine! I just came home, and gladly internet works fine again!

Anyways, here’s some streetstyle inspo for you all! My fave is the look to the right, that bomber jacket is just too cool! don’t you think?!!?

Been such random weather today, was real sunny and fairly warm when I left around two ish, then it started to hail, then sunny again, then hail, cray! Had a great lunch though, a ciabatta with parma ham and pesto, real yummy! mm!

I’m gonna act a bit more grown up now, and do some education research!

Hope ur having a lush sunday! xx :)


Love this editorial from Marie Claire Italy April 2013 issue! The styling and the pictures are gorgeous!

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all, made a mistake I’ve done before, where it’s super late, and I start eating a bit (quite a bit really) of chocolate, then by the time it’s bedtime I’m having a major sugar rush, so no no sleep… also caughed loads…  !  fell asleep after a while, once i fell asleep I slept real good! P.s there’s loads of snow outside my window, NO spring was coming, hello, what happened?!? this winter has been the longest one I’ve ever experienced!