Month: October 2012


Shorts: vintage Levi’s rokit, leather: rokit vintage, vest: topshop, necklace: mq , clutch:

Wow my eyes just went cray.. changed around the colours like crazy with these pics, couldn’t decide how I wanted them, after quite a while I was like NO time to let go.. time to rest the eyes. Anyways, I got my new bag today! not the greatest pic of it, but you get the idea, will show you a better one another time!


How hot isn’t this wallet from Givenchy?!? Now I have a very nice one from DKNY but obviously I left that behind in London..  so my wallet right now is a travel card, fancy! Today I’ve had a nice long skype with my friend who just moved to London, real fun! And my new bag has arrived! woohoo, happy times! will show it to you later on today!

Me and rebecca aka rewshkk last year in London at a Halloween Cherry Cola party, As you can see at the pic we’re not too sober, but it was well fun, (my nose ring looks massive…) remember there was cotton web everywhere, so I ended up having it all around me, walking down the streets on my way home, I was all in cotton web and it continued a few meters behind me.. must have looked quite funny. I wasn’t really dressed up to this party as you can see, but LOVE dressing up, me and my boyfriend painted our faces like skeletons at another party last year.

But the success outfit was me as Amy Winehouse the year before that, at that time we were newly moved in to our flat and had NO mirrors, so my friend did my amy hair, and I couldn’t see what I looked like, but I trusted her and it was perfect! Had shorts on and a vest, tattoes painted and even had that white bit in her fringe. I knew the outfit was a success when some kids pointed at me and yelled out “Look there’s amy winehouse!” OH YEAH! (she was alive then, would have been a bit disrespecfull to dress up as her now..) Camden miss her!

Are you going to a halloween party this year? or already have been?


It’s getting colder for each day, how’s the weather where you’re at? I can confirm that it’s minus degrees where I am, so wrong season for this moodboard…but one could only wish!

Been in nature today with my sister! and if you know us, you know that we’re not really the typical outdoor people.. but today we went to this beautiful park /forest, and it was really nice! Then I actually got to spend some time with my “little brother” he’s really my 13 year old nephew but like a brother to me, he’s in that teenage phase where he’s just with his friends and his computer, so to actually see him more then 20 min is rare and today I did! Then we ordered indian food, AMAZING! talk about food belly… still suffering from it.