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Sweater: Gina Tricot/ Bracelets: Thick one: & other stories, similar HERE! / GoGo Phillip link bracelet: HERE! / Gold chain necklace from h&m used as a bracelet/Rings: h&m

In love with my new white sweater! White white white love!






Scarf: Gina tricot, similar & cheaper HERE!  Bracelet: & Other Stories, similar HERE! , bracelet far away: GoGo Philip

We ended up making pancakes at my friend’s Clara’s place this morning, with cream and jam, very yum indeed, add a cup of tea and hello lush breakfast!

After some breakfast rest we went into town, and I got myself this tartan scarf! Tartan is very happening right now, so I just couldn’t resist when I saw this one! I fell in love! Gonna look awesome with my black oversized trench coat, or a leather jacket, oh yeah! I Got mine from Gina Tricot, also saw that they sell a very similar and cheaper HERE!

Question, are you gonna go for the tartan trend this fall? ;)

Also got two new gold bracelets from my London trip, the first one with the chain is from & Other Stories, and the other one is from GoGo Philip, also saw they have a similar one, and much cheaper gold bracelet HERE!

Hope you all have a lush friday night, dance away folks! dance away! I’m gonna cuddle up in front of a movie or something :) saving the party for tomorrow! xx





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So a few of you out there already know about my nailbiting addiction, and my struggle to get clean from it! it’s a hard life indeed.. Anyways, last winter I decided to stop biting my nails, and so I did, and was real proud of myself, bought loads of nailpolish, and just got extremely obsessed with fixing my nails, the pics above are from those happy nail times!

Then one dark and sad day, one after one nail just kept breaking, and not just a tiny bit, they broke in half! Agh the pain! People said that it was probably cause it was so cold outside at the time, anyways, this was a very sad time, and what will a nailbiter do when half of their nails are broken?!? Well obviously bite them to adjust them! So here we were back to square 1 again. I just went SCREW IT! if the nails are gonna give up on me, when I’ve been so damn good not biting them! then FUCK IT!

But now my friends, I feel it’s time for round 2 in the whole “stop biting your nails Mia” project. It’s been three days so far, and it’s going well! It’s on Nails, you are NOT GONNA OVERPOWER ME!!



Pics: google, tumblr, twinfashion blog

Some Sunday accessories inspo!

How cool isn’t the Chanel necklace that hangs in the neck, gorgeous! Want! And the black Givenchy clutch, you know how much of a Givenchy fan I am!! And the twins accessories are too cool, especially the holographic cuffs! Love em!

Stayed last night at my sister’s again :) just chilling out, and today it’s he warmest day here yet, so hello beach again! :) hope you all have a great Sunday! Xx :)



Some jewellery inspo for you all!

Had to show a pic of the Balenciaga rings from the catwalk (they were a part of my dream outfit I posted about before), they’re so nice, can’t get over it! My faves! And the silver rings on the right side, hot hot! Love em all really!

Now, time for some nice food! also, will upload some pics for u later, tried out a different hairstyle today ;) so stay tuned! xx


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whiiteee ny

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What girl doesn’t like some bling?! I sure do, as you can see! Used to wear loads more back in the days, my arms were always covered by bracelets, now I’m more for the “less is more”, I like the “statement” pieces more nowadays. When it comes to bracelets and necklaces, but rings are different, more is more! can’t get enough of rings!

Also I miss my nails! I stopped biting them, and they got all long , nice and strong!, I got completely addicted to paint them! Then one sad day, they all just broke :( they were probably not used to being alive for so long, so since then, I will admit that , yes I have started to bite them again…. I wanna stop though! I try not too! Wanna make them all pretty again! Bought these nice polka dots nail stickers, thought I’d save them for something special, but then the nails broke :(, so never happened, grow nails GROW for me!!! (I’m actually biting a bit, now typing this,ahh.. dammit!) No, enough is enough !