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 Rings: h&m, hoodie: h&m, tee: gina tricot

Alright, so after some consideration, I’ve decided that I’m gonna go all in with the blog, it’s gonna get better! But, feels like I’ve might have lost some of my truthfull followers since I started blogging here, why? :(

Or maybe it’s just that you’ve stopped commenting, please comment, that’s what makes me going! And what gives me motivation, your feedback :) ! Makes my day when I read your comments, it really does! Maybe you got some ideas, blog stuff that you’d like to see more off, or something you’d like to see less off? :) Tell me :)! xx











Top: Topshop, Mesh top underneath: h&m, leather shorts: bikbok, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: h&m, necklace & gold rings: h&m, silver rings: gina tricot, the thin silver rings: Meloa, bracelet: Cheap Monday

Fave clothing item this year is deffo my baggy leather shorts, oh still love em so much! Been wearing them loads! a win win!

So now I’m home, after spending the day at my friend’s place who’s moving to India! Me and my other friend, helped her out with the packing :)

Now I’m starving, meeting some other friends in about an hour, and were going out for a meal, at a place that has lush food, mm gonna be so good! It’s a “see you soon” dinner for my other friend, the one who’s moving to Gothenburg tomorrow! So we’re gonna have a proper girls night! Hm, what shall I wear though, no idea! Made my makeup already, went for a black smokey eye, hair down, but what clothes, hm, will have to have a think! xx



klarrr 22 eIMG_6394

Sorry that I never posted anything last night, promised you to show you these pics, but something came up so I couldn’t post it then, but I thought I’d try out the fishtail braid yesterday! I’ve never done it before, But I came across a video the other day at the blog curlsandtornleather of Lauren Conrad, showing how to do this braid, real easy! her’s was more “clean” I wanted mine real messy as you can see! :)

What do you think of it? yes , no?

You can click HERE to see the tutorial video ;)

Also, in the video they say u should cut off the elastic band in the end, but why waist a good elastic? I could just easily remove it without having to cut it!


Yes, I wanna know what YOU like me to blog about!

Do you enjoy the fashion/editorial posts? more or less of these? the streetstyle posts? Or maybe you like to see more posts of me?, outfit posts?  more or less of the videos? Or maybe you like it the way it is now, if so, please tell me :)

Any other ideas of what you like me to blog about ?

Please comment and let me know ! :) xx kisses! have a good night you all!