My faves in my shoe shelf is deffo these puppies! Love love love em!

Now I’m expecting my friend Lina to come over for some brunch! Cosy time is on today’s agenda!




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few of my fave accessories at the moment!

As you might have noticed lately, my plastic heels are on the top of my fave list!






pics by Lina Borg, edit by me

Leather skirt: Cubus, tee & bomber jacket: gina tricot, heels: bought in macedonia, sunnies: topshop, jewellery: ur & penn

Thought I’d take out this quilted leather skirt for a little spin! Long time no see it was! Don’t usually wear skirts or dresses, much more of a trousers, shorts kinda gal!

Me and the man are right now at my friends place for a crayfish event/dinner, it’s a swedish tradition, where you gather many friends or family and eat lots of crayfish! And I’ve never been to one of these little events, so this is all new to me and my boyfriend!!! Exciting times!


goldeeennn klar

Top & shorts: h&m trend, clutch:, heels: from Macedonia, sunnies: topshop

Remember these golden shorts? Oh love em! Sadly there’s not gonna be anymore shorts from now on it looks like, according to the weather.. it’s cold nowadays! Oh well, can’t really complain, we had a lush summer this year, suprisingly good for Sweden!

And I like autumn, kinda been looking forward to christmas lately.. obviously I haven’t told anyone this… cause people just go “CHRISTMAS?!? WHAT, YOU CRAZY?!? we want more summer!” But for some reason I just have this longing for autumn and christmas times feeling inside… a bit weird maybe, considering last year we had like the longest winter EVER! We all got pretty fed up with it, and just went cray as soon as we saw the sun for the first time after 6 months of ice cold winter. But maybe this time around winter doesn’t have to be that long?  and just be a cosy few months! One can only hope!

black in








black innn

Mesh top: h&m, tube top underneath: h&m (old), quilted leather skirt: Cubus, sunnies: h&m, heels: from macedonia, bag: & other stories, bracelet: Cheap Monday, necklace: vintage

Here’s another outfit taken in Macedonia, in Bitola, the town my parents are from :) All black… again.. can’t help it! What do you think of the outfit? :)

Just came home after an entire day at my brother’s place, spending time with his family, my nephew and niece, oh they’re such cutiepies!! love :) A perfect sunday! xx











me likey

Scrunchies , watch and white tee: topshop, jacket: gina tricot

A few items I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe! Thought the scrunchies are real cute, to the right outfit! :) Also I don’t own a watch! Been looking for a chunky silver one for a long time now, but haven’t found the right one, this one from topshop looks cool though! That white tee, hello pretty one! love the plastic bit in the end, looks wicked! And the white and black baseball jacket from Gina tricot, also a win win! Do you like any of the items above? ;)

Been such a lazy bird today! Walked around in my pj’s pretty much the entire day, about two hours ago, I felt it was time to wake up for real, so I finally I decided to get dressed! Also been emailing loads with this Jorge guy from WordPress, he tries to figure out what’s wrong with my wordpress app, the app doesn’t let me log in to my blog, and it’s doing my head in, hate to blog from my laptop, aghh! so let’s cross our fingers, and hope that Jorge, with his magical wordpress mind, will figure it out and fix it for me! (Jorge I believe in you!!)

Now I just had some dinner, think I might have eaten an expired mozarella… the consistency was quite dodge I must admit, but it tasted alright, oh well, guess we’ll see by the end of tonight, if I’ll survived it or not.

Tonight I’m just gonna chill, and watch the final episode of Orange is the new black, so gutted I only have one more episode to go! How will I survive without this amazing show??! aghh! Season 2 , come on!! have you seen the show?! u like? If you haven’t seen it, GET ON IT PEOPLE!  so good! stream it ! ;)


first row from left: balenciaga, underground, underneath: din sko, juju shoes. Summer is here ! or kinda was last week , now it’s supposed to rain all week here … But let’s stay positive and think of summery fashion, a must is to get summer flats! And here’s some of my faves ! Found the Din sko ones yesterday when I was in town, love em ! So might get them, I’m also a bit into the juju shoes, a black pair, might get those too , will have to have a think :) Do you like any of the above ? :) if not what’s your ideal summer flat ? :) xx