Month: July 2013



Tee: gina tricot, swimwear: Penti

It really feels like summer when you caught yourself chilling around in your bikini all day, doesn’t it?

Anyways noticed that I was wearing my bikini bottom and thought I’d show you some better pics of the new bikini, but as you can tell, you can’t see shit! Haha, well well they have these black strings on the hips, which I really like, and what makes them fun! Also SUCH a big fan off my new tee, deffo new favourite in my wardrobe! Basic, comfy and just great!

Moving on, been having a nice day today :) the morning started off great with some fun news! And then I’ve been spending my day in my friends garden, where we drank loads of tea and enjoyed a few muffins and doughnuts!
Yum! :)

Now it’s time for a very late dinner! And then I’m gonna continue to watch the new series “orange is the new black” which is awesome!!! Totally recommend! From the same creator of weeds, I liked weeds but this is much better! So check it out I say ;)








Photo: Lina Borg, edit: me,

Tee & bomber jacket: Gina tricot, leather shorts: bikbok, necklace: vintage, rings: h&m, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: h&m

My new v neck tee
from Gina tricot is on! Love the baggy kinda boyfriend fit! Also loving that it’s v neck! My first v neck tee ;)! Also super comfy!!!

Don’t know what’s with me lately but I’m SO in the shopping mood! I’ve actually even been dreaming these last few days that I’ve done some great shopping at topshop! Haha, I’m feeling the urge to buy something with a wow factor to it!

But I’ve never been the one to shop loads, just because i want to shop, I rather wait till I find something I really like! I rarely buy something if I don’t love it!
That way I’m avoiding the regretful items, it’s not like I’m stopping myself for buying things, this is just the way I am which I’m quite glad for!

So because of my urge, I’m gonna see if I can go shopping this week one day :) and see if there’s anything out there!

Anyways, gonna wash my hair now, which is gonna take ages as always cause I got so much hair.. annoying, but has to be done!

Then I might watch the first episode of the new show orange is the new black! Any of u seen it? My friend said it was great! So I’m gonna give it a go! :)


First row from the left: 1: Miu Miu 2: Pilots: Ray ban, 3: Carven, second row from the left: 1: Topshop 2: Giorgio Armani 3: Linda Farrow


A few real cool sunnies! Sunnies is such a cool and easy way to spice up an outfit! One can not get enough of sunnies! Who’s with me? ;)

I came home not very long ago, after a nice day in the park with a friend of mine, we then went into some shops, and I bought a new tee :) baggy white one, love it! Will show you it tomorrow ;) !




Tee/dress: topshop, leather shorts: bikbok, chain necklace: h&m , gold necklace: vintage, lipstick: make up store colour Mindy

Thought it was time to have pink lips again! Haven’t worn this lipstick for a bit now, so it was time :)

I’m out having dinner with my friend right now :) hope u all are having a lush Sunday! Xx


HAIR HAIR and more HAIR!

It’s not only the clothes we’re excited to see on the runway, even though that’s the main thing, we shall not forget about the hair and beauty trend that goes with it! And this year there’s something for everyone!

Marc Jacobs showed a very 60’s hairdo, whilst Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent went for the more grungy look with messy hair! (A style that I’m a big fan of, considering I never really brush my hair… Moving on!)

Anthony Vaccarello went for messy hair too but in a messy up do instead, and then we can see that the back slick is still going strong this year, by Balmain who decided to style their models that way!

A nice back slick is so hot! Would love to have it, but having a fringe makes it real complicated..

Anyways, I’m off to my sister’s place now, gonna meet my cousin and his family and then I’m heading into town to have dinner with my friend :) yum yum!

Also have some fun pics coming up


Pics: Rami Hanna blog, google

Plastic is really fantastic isn’t it?! Love all the plastic accessories, think it’s a different and fun trend! Adore those heels in the top left!! They’re gorgeous! Can imagine that it can get real sweaty in there though… but what don’t you do
for fashion ;) You like any of them? :)

So the plan for today was to go to the beach, but looks like we can’t really trust today’s weather, apparently it was just raining, right now it’s sunny but might start raining again, so I will lay on the balcony a bit instead, now whilst it sunny! Then I might head over to my sister’s place, my cousin and his family will be there! :)


Lemon clutch: Charlotte Olympia, boots: topshop, sweater: boy London, sunnies: Illesteva, bag: topshop

Loving these items! Want them all! Anyone keen on buying them for me?! Sadly my economy is working a but against me at the moment, but if I by any chance win the lottery, (the chances are very small, cause I don’t play the lottery..)
BUT if then I would get myself at least the lemon clutch, boots and boy London sweater, love!

Now I’m gonna take a little nap, (oh my felt like I just aged 70 years writing this) but I did only sleep like 6 hours last night, and my brother and his family is coming over later on, and i’m guessing they don’t want to experience me like this, tired and grumpy,
like I’ve gone back in time 6 years = me in the middle of the teenage era, not very pleasant. So sleepy time it is! Xx







Photos: Clara Olsson, Edit: me

Mesh top: h&m, blazer: gina tricot, shorts: Bik bok, sunnies: h&m , shoes: din sko, bag: hermès, bracelet: vintage, ring: weekday

All black!

Now it’s cosy Friday time :) xx