Month: March 2013


Tank: bikbok, necklace: h&m

Wow what a day, exhausting but very fun! My brother has a 1 year old and a 4 year old, so it’s a lot going on ! :D they’re the cutest ever! A lot of thigs has happened today, we’ve had some accidents , one of them is where I opened the fridge, and all of a sudden a beer falls out, gets on the floor, where it opens, foam everywhere!! over all the cupboards, fridge, floor and even on the ceiling! haha,

 Also, while I’m cleaning it up, my focus was mostly on the cleaning, I could hear my 4 year old nephew going “I’m gonna paint” I see him sit down, I walk away for a second! I hear his mum going “mia, you’re keeping an eye on him right?” I’m like “yeaah” I walk up to the table, where I see that he’s opened loads of textile colour, and poured it on a plastic lid, on our tablecloth, at our dining table! I was like NOOO! don’t !! thank god he poured it on the plastic lid! haha, the tablecloth just ended up with a tiny stain! So that situation could have gone really bad, but turned out alright!

We had some nice food and an AMAZING lemon pavlova cake! A cake we saw Mary Berry do at the great british bake off easter special! HERE’S the recipe ! I really recommend it! Everyone loved it!  It was that perfect combo between sweetness and sourness! Our didn’t turn out like the one on the pic, cause it was tricky to make those little nests, cause the meringue was to soft, we just had a meringue bottom, with the lemon cream on top, and decorated it with lemon zest and chocolate eggs, very nice!!

Anyways, hope you all had a great easter weekend :D! I’m so tired now, gonna relax in front of the tv! xx



Loving this editorial from the Numeró magazine April 2013 issue! The colours, black and white, in the snow, it’s all just amazing!

Hey it’s easter time today! The whole family is here, and it’s time to crack some eggs open! woop woop!

Hope you’re having a great easter! xx :)


Tee: topshop, necklace: h&m

 Alright, first thing first, I’m wearing shorts underneath, looks like I’m not wearing anything, but I am! ha, and second, I have new bed sheets! stripes hello! exciting times indeed! haha.

Hope you’re having a great friday night! xx



Ha, I just found this pic, thought it was a bit funny, what am I doing? looks like I’m eating something, hmm..

Anyways, slept way too much, so my brain feels a bit dead.. I’m having a major chill out day today, and it was a very pleasant suprise when I noticed the lion king was on tv!!! So I just finished watching it, oh such a classic, I will admit that I still get tears in my eyes when Mufasa dies.. :( damn you scar! But scar is pretty cool, isn’t he!?

Also, it was snowing today!!! What, we can’t be celebrating easter with snow outside! :( It’s pretty much gone now though, hope it won’t snow again, done with snow by now!