Month: October 2013



Leather jacket: Phillip Lim/top: h&m/ sunnies: rings: shorts: shoes: Stella McCartney

Wouldn’t mind to own a pair of tartan shorts, especially if it would have been summer! Then I wouldn’t think twice to put on an outfit like this one! Oh those Stella shoes, love love love!

Btw sorry for the late update, been sleeping all day, I feel so much better today thank god!! So just gonna chill out today so I can function these next few days!

Also happy Halloween you all! I love Halloween! But this year I won’t celebrate it in a big way, also cause I’m sick so think I’m gonna put on “the nightmare before Christmas” and just cosy up :)



Underwear from

What girl doesn’t love a hot lingerie set?!I’m sure one of them!
Here’s a few of my faves! The ultimate one according to me is the black one in the top left! Think it’s gorgeous!

Also imagine how nice the yellow one would look on a real tanned body! Like!
Do you fancy any of them? :)

So remember how I wrote yesterday how my little nephew threw up in bed… Well, I got the stomach bug now, and it’s been a horrendous day! Haven’t been this ill for a very long time!
I finally feel a bit more alive, got some appetite back, so tried to eat a bit, but oh my, really hope it’ll be gone tomorrow! :(




The model Emily Ratajkowski who got famous over the night after showing of her goodies in Robin Thicke’s blurred lines video, has now landed a role acting against Ben Affleck in his new movie!

So one would be lying if not to admit that this hottie has entered the spotlight and is here to stay!

Here she is in a super cool editorial by Olivia Malone, love the styling in this shoot, amazing! And Emily is looking fab! Totally girl crushing on this one! And I can’t wait to see more of her!

What do you think of this shoot?









Autumn has officially arrived and in less then two months it’s Xmas time!

Feels a bit weird that only three months ago one could walk around in shorts and short sleeves, well those days are over and now it’s time to take out those thicker jackets and cover up! Which feels quite cosy to be honest! I do love the autumn fashion!

Here’s a few outfits from those lush summer days!



Pics: google

Hiya u all! So my nephew and niece just left our flat, ended up being a bit of a dramatic night last night when my little nephew got sick in bed, so it was cleaning time!
The plan was for them to stay here all day, but their mum came and picked them up earlier cause my nephew seemed a bit sick, so hopefully they’ll recover soon!

Also Wowza the storm was crazy last night! Did u guys feel it?! I kept myself indoors all night!
Going into town later on today to meet a friend of mine, so hoping it won’t be very windy!

Now moving on, how hot aren’t these Stella McCartney boots that’s on the pic?!? Freakin amazing! I need them in my life!



Heels: Gianvito Rossi/ top: h&m/ iphone case: Marc by Marc Jacobs

How amazing aren’t these Rossi heels?!? So pretty! Also really like this simple black top from h&m would look wicked with a high pair of jeans and some nice bling for a night out!

And I know I posted about the Jacobs iPad case yesterday but I just had to post about the iphone case too, cause this doggy is growing on me!

So had an amazing day at the spa yesterday! The creek experience was really an experience! I will tell you more about it later on! Cause I’m still at the spa u see :) chillaxing round two now! Woop woop!



From left: iphone case: Diane Von Furstenberg/ headphones: Frends/ iphone case & dog iPad case: Marc by Marc Jacobs/ iphone case: Miu Miu/ iPad case: Stella McCartney

Some accessories in the tech department!

A bit in love with the dog iPad case from Marc by Marc Jacobs! It’s lush don’t you agree? But before getting the case I’d better get an iPad first!

Today, me, mum and my sister are going to the spa and will be staying there for one night.
We’ve been there before so I’m quite excited for having their amazing brunch! Bacon, pancakes, there’s everything! I will go loco for it! Fooo shooo!

And then later on we’re booked a treatment called “the creek experience” which my sister said is real cool, where u kinda go through different rooms and each room represent a part of the world, and u get to experience that part’s typical treatments! Looking forward to it!

And in the evening we’re booked a three course dinner, yum yum! Then tomorrow were just gonna chillax :) will be cosy with some family time!