treend real




Hello hello! I gotta say sorry, I know the blog updates haven’t been as frequent as before, it’s cause I’ve just got the fashion journalism internship, which I’m truly loving and I’m also in the middle of applying to university.

I wanna study in London, and cause I’m Swedish and are applying for another country, things get a bit trickier, there’s special documents, IELTS tests and such, so I’m in the middle of it all, trying to sort it out, to top it all off I might go out job hunting today, but it’s horrible weather outside so we’ll see!

But my blog is my baby so I will give it my all!! Promise!


It’s getting colder for each day, how’s the weather where you’re at? I can confirm that it’s minus degrees where I am, so wrong season for this moodboard…but one could only wish!

Been in nature today with my sister! and if you know us, you know that we’re not really the typical outdoor people.. but today we went to this beautiful park /forest, and it was really nice! Then I actually got to spend some time with my “little brother” he’s really my 13 year old nephew but like a brother to me, he’s in that teenage phase where he’s just with his friends and his computer, so to actually see him more then 20 min is rare and today I did! Then we ordered indian food, AMAZING! talk about food belly… still suffering from it.