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 You can always trust Balmain to deliver an amazing collection! And this time is no different! Glam, rock, pinstripes, 80’s and sporty chic all in one! I love it! A bit surprised that this collection didn’t follow as much in the steps of their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see the collection HERE!where the massive shoulder pads were dominating the catwalk and the 80’s look was clearly reborn with as much glitter as one could possibly fit on a clothing item.

That was such a gorgeous collection too, but I’m glad they took that 80’s look and remade it a bit for their spring/summer collection! My absolutely favorite outfit is definitely the one in the top middle, that bomber jacket combined with that pinstriped/baseball top, baggy leather trousers and lot’s of gold statement pieces! WOW factor that is! Balmain, you killed it as always!

See the whole collection HERE!

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Wang Wang Wang, do I have to say more? As soon as you hear Wang’s name you know you’re expecting a hell of a collection! I’ve always been a killer for his minimalistic rock chic dressed models, no one can pull that off better then Wang himself!

This time we see a much more summery collection, with pastels combined with grey or leather, sharp cuts, let’s just say it’s minimalism at it’s best! A collection much more different then their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see it HERE!Which was very dark! Wang usually does dark collection’s but that one was even darker, almost a bit too dark. So I like this summer/spring Wang girl, with her pastels tops and cool edgy bottoms! Definitely one of my favorite spring/summer 2014 collections!

See the whole collection HERE! 

Click on the link below that says “mer” to read & see the rest of the shows!



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Pics: Tommy ton,

During fashion week, the great thing is, that not only do you see all the fashion on the runway, you also get to see all the amazing fashion on the streets! Thank god for street style photographers ey! Tommy Ton is one of those brilliant streetstyle photographers, he captures fashion so very well!

 Already seen Tiffany Hsu wearing two of those amazing Givenchy sweatshirts, she’s wearing one of them on the top right, oh LOVE em! Jealous, yes! Also how cool isn’t the lady in the grey coat with those wicked black heels, wow!, statement shoes for real! 

What outfits do you like from the above? I pretty much love em all!

So what’s happening today, well now I’m at my friend’s place Clara, we’re here with our friend Sara, who’s down from Stockholm, she’s only gonna be here for the weekend I believe, so it’s real fun seeing her today! And later, well I don’t know, not any specific plans! Have a party to attend on saturday evening, so prob just gonna chill tonight :)

Hope you all are having a nice friday! xx






Had a sneaky cheeky look at net a porter’s website and noticed that they got loads of new Givenchy stuff in! Oh amazing hello! Givenchy is one of my fave brands, so I just had to post about these things above that I just love! Let’s begin with that amazing sweater, oh if only you would be in my wardrobe!!! And these ear pieces are pretty awesome, don’t you agree? Also a gorgeous bracelet, oh want want want! Ps. the earpiece on the left, the one that looks like it’s beige/grey it’s actually in gold and silver, looks a bit shit on this pic, dunno why… but it’s really nice!








In love with that white long mesh tee the girl on the first pic is wearing, love!! And the Givenchy tee the guy is wearing on the last pic, omg, GIVE IT TO ME SOMEONE?!? please?

My man is HERE! So obviously I’m spending the evening all cuddled up next to him :)!  Have a lush friday night everyone! xx

 Hey outfit pics are coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned ;)


Pics: google, tumblr, twinfashion blog

Some Sunday accessories inspo!

How cool isn’t the Chanel necklace that hangs in the neck, gorgeous! Want! And the black Givenchy clutch, you know how much of a Givenchy fan I am!! And the twins accessories are too cool, especially the holographic cuffs! Love em!

Stayed last night at my sister’s again :) just chilling out, and today it’s he warmest day here yet, so hello beach again! :) hope you all have a great Sunday! Xx :)



Make a statement:from the left: Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, Kenzo, Martin Margiela, Acne, Martin Margiela
Stand out: from left: Charlotte Olympia, Judith Leiber, Givenchy, Givenchy, Mary Katranzou

A few of my favourite clutches at the moment!

The bags this season are so innovative and fun, cool shapes and hot materials! They can spice up any ordinary outfit and make it look unique!

I mean how how hot isn’t the Olympia lemon clutch? And my ultimate favourite is the Givenchy madonna clutches! Want!! Also the Margiela ones, love em!

Which ones do you like of the above? :)

Hey sorry that I didn’t update anything yesterday had a busy day, some friends were down from Stockholm, so spent the entire with them, chilled out on the beach, and then in the evening we had a BBQ quite a few of us at my friends allotment, beer and great food, such a great day! :)

Now I’m gonna make a smoothie :) yum!


From the left: top: Saint Laurent, wallet: Givenchy, tee: Just Cavalli, scarf : Givenchy, leather tee: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Loving these items!! Want want want! That Lim tee is just too cool! Really wanted a leather tee, found one a while ago from topshop but seemed like it sold out immediately.. and I haven’t found another one since.. Anyways this is for sure a wicked one!

So I finished doing my laundry just now, and I can tell u, there was some real action down in the laundry room today!

Had the longest fight ever with a massive spider!! Found it in the sink, and it was real big so didn’t wanna touch and move it, so thought that he only solution would be to turn the tap on and quickly drown it.

Yes it sounds horrible but I didn’t want it to get into my laundry bags and such, so what had to be done had to be done! So it all started,

killing attempt nr 1, turning the tap on, and making a storm with my hands, doing this for about 10 min, I was pretty sure that he must be dead by now, walked off, came back, noticed that the little bugger was only playing dead!! He was still alive!

So killing attempt 2&3: did the same process with the water again, walked off, came back, and STILL ALIVE!!! how the fuck is this possible ?!?! HOW?!?

4 attempt: cause he was way too stubborn to die!! I had to change my strategy and managed to throw it out the window, which was a struggle too I’m telling you!

Now what was gonna be a quick painless murder, turned out to a horrible torture crime scene… He could have at least died, now he’s alive and all tortured, and I feel bad :( oh bless…


The Givenchy one (top right), that one says me for sure! It’s gorgeous! Want want want! That Elvis one is pretty fun too! Which one do you like? :)

So once again change of plans, we woke up this morning and noticed a very blue sky, so we decided to seize the day, and go back to Bitola in the afternoon instead, so we can get some more sunshine! Tanning time for real today!! It’s on!! xx



Hiya! Friday today ey! I’m doing laundry exciting yes! ha, had quite a chilled out morning, had a nice breakfast outside on our very sunny balcony, it was lush! And after I’ve finished the laundry I’m gonna chill out bigtime! nothing planned, just me myself and I today! Feels nice, cause been very busy these last few days, weeks, feels like I’ve done loads, and the blog has suffered a bit, so I just need a moment to breath! And focus a bit more on the blog!

Spring/summer is here, so thought I’d do a little jacket inspo streetstyle for you all! A wicked leather jacket is almost a most have by now, works all year around! Columbine’s bomber jacket is just to die for! A printed jacket is also a win win, something like the Givenchy one! And that chanel one, is just amazing! want!

You have a fave of the ones above? :)

As I said yesterday I’m gonna do a little pic tutorial of how I dye my hair purple today, so stay tuned ;) xxx

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It’s the 23 of april today which means it’s my boyfriend’s birthday, wooho, happy birthday baby!! <3

We’ll see how the day will be celebrated, might do a lunch in malmö, and a dinner, either out or a cosy one at home :) either way, gonna be super cosy!

Here’s some tuesday streetstyle inspo for you all! :) xx