Month: November 2013

My sugar is raw


Top: Topshop, the ragged priest, necklace: h&m

Chilling at my sister’s place :) had an amazing girl night last night with a friend of mine, spent the evening sitting on her bed, watching videos while having a lot of wine, real fun! Now I’m about to cook dinner, chicken with bacon ;) my fave!

My puppies


My lovely puppies! Love love love!

Today I’m going over to my sister’s place, she’s going away in the evening so I’m gonna stay over and “babysit” my nephew, but he’s a teenager so he’s gonna be by his computer all night, therefore I’ve invited two of my friends to come over and wine with me!

Also thought if try out my sis’ new treadmill, oh yeah gonna have a little run I will! During day time that is!

Dance with me






Had a lovely day, started off with having lunch with a friend of mine, who surprised me with a pair of earrings she knew I wanted! :D so sweet of her to think of me and get me for me! Couldn’t be more excited!! Gonna go and try them on now actually ;) laters! Xx

P.s how hot aren’t these outfits above! Like like like!!

pics: Stockholm streetstyle

1992 Cindy Crawford


Having a bit of a Cindy moment!

How hot isn’t she in this photograph taken by Michel Comte for Vanity Fair April 1992? Gorgeous! Also, the photo is brilliant, a total wow factor all over!
You agree?

Yesterday, I had quite the chilled out day, was dreadful weather outside, so foggy, dark and cold all day, so gladly stayed indoors and sorted out some blog stuff.

And In the evening I wrote THIS for the brilliant The Fashionography

Btw, watch that episode of Seinfeld yesterday when Elaine freaks out about exclamation points, so now I can’t help myself to nerd about if I do too many exclamation points when I write here, think I am abusing the exclamation points…but I do love em and NOBODY CAN STOP ME DOING THEM!!!! well well just a little fun fact I wanted to share with u all, let’s move on..


The jacket




Jacket: vintage/ top: American apparel/ jeans: Cheap Monday

Love my “new” leather jacket! The perfect winter jacket, so furry on the inside, prob the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned!

The funny thing about this jacket is that it belonged to my friends ex, who had left the jacket at my friend’s place when they broke up, my friend then gave the jacket away to my boyfriend, and when I went to visit my man in London a few weeks ago, I took a look in his wardrobe and found this beauty!

When he came home from work, I asked him if I could get it, and luckily he said yes! Apparently he never used it, and hello happy me! Was a bit of a struggle taking it home, cause of my limited luggage, but if u truly want something you make it work! And now I got the winter covered, woop woop!

pics: Lina Borg

Stripes & Bling


Ear cuffs: Gina Tricot/ gold rings: h&m/ sweater: h&m

They got some real nice gold jewellery in h&m at the moment! And that Stella McCartney look alike sweater, hello pretty thing!

Also still on the search for the perfect earcuff, last night I checked and Asos and nothing!! I’m surprised! Anyone know where I can find any, similar to the ones above but more blinged up? Desperate times!

P.s got some fun outfit pics coming up! Stay tuned ;) xx

What’s love got to do with it?





Just got home from the gym! Been a good girl! On my way home I treated myself with some “lussebullar” Swedish Xmas buns, that are lush!! And made myself a cup of tea! I am welcoming Xmas! :)

Here’s some streetstyle details for u all! Love all these pics! Do you like? Xx

pics: Stockholm streetstyle