Month: January 2013



How amazing isn’t this editorial from Vogue brazil the february issue?!?! I adore it!

Ah, I’m super fed up now, been dying my hair constantly since 3 o clock today, and now I just put in the final colour, and I think I messed up, don’t think the color will be very visiable.. we’ll see,I’m very much sceptical though.. Might need to buy another darker colour online ahh annoying..!


Woho some fun shoes!! My faves are the one on the top left, the balenciaga ones, damn they’re nice! Think the blue fluffy ones are well cool too! But just cause they’re styled on the pic with a cool pair of trousers,that makes it work, but I would have disliked them if I would have seen em in a shop. Would have though they look very tacky, but here on this pic they look exclusive and chic don’t you think?!

Which ones do you like? :)

I just got home from a lovely lunch with my friend, had a great time! On the way back I got myself a raspberry macaron ohh yeah (couldn’t help myself) and then I picked up my haircolour , so now it’s happening! This time I’m gonna go a bit cray, quite experimental! Wish me luck! This can go really wrong, ahh!


basket ny




Bomber jacket: gina tricot, basket tank: bik bok, leather trousers: nowhere, shoes: h&m, necklace: vintage

Woho bought this bomber and basket tank yesterday! Got overwhelmed when I saw the basket tank in the shop, cause it’s been sold out pretty much everywhere, so lucky!

So here’s the haircut, bit shorter, nothing too different from before, the hairdresser was good, didn’t like how she styled it really, she made the ends go out from the hair, u know what i mean? I wouldn’t do that to my hair, so gonne be better in a few days, also gonna colour it as soon as my haircolour comes through the post!!

Kate Cara Chloe


Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne (my girls) and Chloe Moretz in the spring/summer Love magazine, liking this shoot, think it’s well cool!

What do you think?

Wowza just had a major nap, real long one, now I should prob clean up around here before my friend comes over.

see you later with some outfit pics! xx


Some real fashionable ladies here! Loving Anna dello russo in Saint Laurent hot hot!

Came home not long ago, with new hair, not too much of a difference to be honest, thought she was gonna make it a bit shorter, well well, i’m happy with it :)  I’ll show you it later, and some outfit pics! Had my new clothes on today ;) Also found some great bling bling for the styling job, exciting! Now I’m gonna be a complete bore and have a little nap, super tired, couldn’t fall asleep last night, and once I did, I just had nightmares :( so time to get some rest! xx


Morning everyone! :)

Yes for once I’m up fairly early! (let’s just say, early for being me and that’s good enough!) Today’s plan is to head down to the hairdresser, then do some work for the music video I’m styling, then home, and later on in the evening I have a friend coming over! Hope all of you will have a good day, and I’ll try to take a pic of my hair later on today,  (if it’s nice so to say) :) and outfit! so stay tuned!

Pst ! noticed now that the pic might look a bit scary? ha, not mean to!

Todelo! x


The metallic trend, how do you feel about it? I like it! Especially a pair of cool silver metallic shoes or a cluth, hello!

I finally did some successfull shopping today wohooo! :) will try and show you tomorrow! Oh and also getting my hair cut tomorrow, exciting times, just felt a sudden urge to have a little makeover, my hair is way too long now, starting to look like a hippie.. haha.

The last two times I’ve got my hair cut, I wasn’t happy with it, especially not when I was so excited last time I was gonna get it cut, cause I booked an appointment in this super fancy schmancy hairsalon in brick lane in london, one of those places that I’d observed for a while, seeing the fancy decor, and neon lights in there, thinking THIS is the place to get my hair cut, went in there, spent some money, came out, and failiure, the haircut wasn’t nice, and my dipdye they were gonna make, was not noticeable… Ended up making it myself! So hoping this time will be better! Never been at this place, but supposed to be good! wish me luck! :)



Woho me and my sister just booked a trip to Prague 4 nights, staying at this 5 star hotel in the center of the city! The hotel seems lush, has a spa, casino and a roofterrace, it’s ON! we’re just gonna relax, have nice dinners and do some shopping! A proper girl trip :)  It’s gonna be great! Haven’t been ouside sweden or england for a while now, so it’s definetely time to get back out there! My sister has never been to Prague before, I have, and I loved it, such a beautiful city, so gonna be exciting to see it again!

Have any of you been to prague? :) anything we have to see? xx