The Primrose Hill Fantasy

primrose hill done


I’m back from my London holiday, been planning for my official move back to London after being in Sweden for about two years, so in the end of this month it is happening, London round two! Can’t wait! Anyways, before dealing with flat hunting and everything that comes with a move, me and my boyfriend thought we’d take a week off together to chill out in London, and so we did, was real nice!

Here’s a few pics from a day we spent in Primrose Hill, my fave neighborhood in London actually,if you haven’t been, you have to go! It has a beautiful green hill where you can get one of the greatest views over London from + super cosy pubs and stores, also if ur VERY lucky you might run into some of the local celebs like Kate Moss or Jude Law, this time I sadly didn’t see either, but did run into the british retail queen, Mary Portas, who gave me a cheeky smile, hello excitement! haha!

Btw, got these new jeans from my man, yeah! Love em! my faves at the moment, wooho.


New in!!


Got myself this clutch in Zara in Marrakech, love it! Been looking for a white clutch for a while and when I saw this one it was spot on! It’s so me, I’m always stressed, but that’s usually because I’m such a time optimist (I know it’s bad..I’m getting better though!) and I always prioritise how I look before heading out (obviously depends on where I’m going, I do have lazy trackies days as well) instead of focusing on being on time… So I end up stressing like hell whilst well dressed!

I Haven’t worn it out yet, will do when I get to London next week though, can’t wait for it’s debut :)


necklace: topshop, clutch: Kenzo, Sweater: Boy London, leather shorts:, sunnies: Illesteva, shoes: Creepers underground

A Boy London outfit!

Need to get this sweater! But it’s too warm for it now, maybe for later on! Love it! This is an outfit I wouldn’t mind wearing! Spice it up with a fun clutch and cool shoes, and it’s on! Do you like it? :)

Today I’ve been in town for lunch with the girls, had a lush chicken bacon baguette, hello!!! So good!

Then we did some shopping, I got a new silver ring! And a coconut body mist from body shop which I will try on later on today! :)

Now I’m back home, think I might watch a episode of orange is the new black, didn’t watch it last night, so might do now, need to chill out a bit, cause later I’m going to a party with the ladies! :) hmm what to wear, what to wear….


Lemon clutch: Charlotte Olympia, boots: topshop, sweater: boy London, sunnies: Illesteva, bag: topshop

Loving these items! Want them all! Anyone keen on buying them for me?! Sadly my economy is working a but against me at the moment, but if I by any chance win the lottery, (the chances are very small, cause I don’t play the lottery..)
BUT if then I would get myself at least the lemon clutch, boots and boy London sweater, love!

Now I’m gonna take a little nap, (oh my felt like I just aged 70 years writing this) but I did only sleep like 6 hours last night, and my brother and his family is coming over later on, and i’m guessing they don’t want to experience me like this, tired and grumpy,
like I’ve gone back in time 6 years = me in the middle of the teenage era, not very pleasant. So sleepy time it is! Xx


Pics: google, tumblr, twinfashion blog

Some Sunday accessories inspo!

How cool isn’t the Chanel necklace that hangs in the neck, gorgeous! Want! And the black Givenchy clutch, you know how much of a Givenchy fan I am!! And the twins accessories are too cool, especially the holographic cuffs! Love em!

Stayed last night at my sister’s again :) just chilling out, and today it’s he warmest day here yet, so hello beach again! :) hope you all have a great Sunday! Xx :)


Gown: Kaufmanfranco, holographic clutch:, heels: Zara, black clutch: net a, bracelet:

Think this gown by Kaufmanfranco is stunning!
Think you can style it either with a black more simple classic clutch and accessories or you could style it a bit more edgy with an outstanding clutch and chunkier jewellery, how would you style it? :) I like it with a more edgy styling!

Now it’s time to get ready, gonna meet up with my friend tonight :) just ate loads of dinner though so I’m in a major food coma, need to get out of this coma!! Agh!






Tee: Topshop, leather shorts: Bikbok, heels: Mango, clutch:, sunnies: H&M, rings: gina tricot, bracelet: Cheap Monday

This is one of the outfits from Macedonia :)

This is just outside where my aunt lives actually! Super cosy, up on the mountain :), you can also see all the beautiful Balkan mountains in the background, oh the nature over there is just to die for! I get amazed every time I go there! <3 perfect nature for cool pics!