The Primrose Hill Fantasy

primrose hill done


I’m back from my London holiday, been planning for my official move back to London after being in Sweden for about two years, so in the end of this month it is happening, London round two! Can’t wait! Anyways, before dealing with flat hunting and everything that comes with a move, me and my boyfriend thought we’d take a week off together to chill out in London, and so we did, was real nice!

Here’s a few pics from a day we spent in Primrose Hill, my fave neighborhood in London actually,if you haven’t been, you have to go! It has a beautiful green hill where you can get one of the greatest views over London from + super cosy pubs and stores, also if ur VERY lucky you might run into some of the local celebs like Kate Moss or Jude Law, this time I sadly didn’t see either, but did run into the british retail queen, Mary Portas, who gave me a cheeky smile, hello excitement! haha!

Btw, got these new jeans from my man, yeah! Love em! my faves at the moment, wooho.




Morning everyone!

Hope you had a great saturday night, and a good night’s sleep :) I sure did! Went out for a few drinks with a friend of mine, been only drinking beer lately, and no drinks, but last night I felt it was time to bring out my fave drink  which is an Amaretto sour, oh hello I say! Almost forgot about this goodie!

Even though I’m from Sweden, just because I’ve been living in London for two/3 years? I’ve been spolied with the London alcohol prices! Here in Sweden , where I’m at at the moment, I still can’t really get used to the expensive drinks, I mean for the price of one beer in Sweden, you can get two pints in London, so once you’ve tasted a bit of the good cheap life, it’s hard to go back to the pricy way of living… who’s with me ey?

This is only when it comes to the drinks though, when talking about London rents… well that’s a whole new discussion…

Moving on, how gorgeous isn’t this pic of my friend’s summer house gate?!?  This is taken from when me and my other friend went to visit our dear Julia in her summer house last week! Their house is actually in a pen, cows and horses walkes around just outside their gate, can’t go anymore country side then this!! Also the sea is just in front of the house, wow!  I took loads of pics there that I will show you soon! :)

(Pssttt, Don’t you get a bit of a Winnie the Pooh feel from this picture and the font above? All dreamy! Wouldn’t suprise me if little Ior would pop up from the side)


grass IMG_8130

grass aiir nIMG_8143

grass 3IMG_8128

White blouse: unknown, trousers: gina tricot, shoes: nilsons, coat: whistles, sunnies: topshop, gloves: tiger of sweden

Wow I’ve been very productive today! Laundry, cleaning, been out and about, grocery shopping, done it all! Have some more blog things to do, shower and then it’s sleepy time! Will be needing my beauty sleep for tomorrow you see !xx



seq ny


sequu ny

Sequin top and shorts: vintage, shirt:emilio, shoes: urban outfitters, bracelet: mmm for h&m, rings: bvlgari and gina tricot

Hello! So today has been the exciting day of laundry! Then my sister and my nephew came around for some dinner, also just had a real fun skype session with one of my london friends who I really miss :) Gonna cosy up now! Really wanna watch once upon a time (yes the show I’ve being going on about for the last few days) I stream it, and soon I’ve catched up with the american tv, don’t wanna come to the point where I have to wait a whole week to watch episodes, oohh what a dilemma, what to do?!!? ha.. This is pretty much my biggest problem right now! that’s a bit sad.. haha, xx







track jacket: adidas, white shirt: unknown, leather trousers: nowhere, shoes: mango, bracelet: vintage, ring: bvlgari

Here’s my new leather trousers, super happy with them! They’re from the brand nowhere which you can find at, they have em in a real nice dark green colour too! But cause I do love my black, I went for the black pair, all though the green were tempting, it’s gonna be the colour of 2013 I hear!

So right now I’m listening to Time to dance by the shoes, which was our spring / summer tune in London this year, haven’t listened to it for ages, so I just put it on, and it’s still bloody great! If you wanna get into the dance mode, this is the tune! The video is awesome too, it’s with Jake Gyllenhaal, and he plays a serial killer, and some of the video is filmed where I used to live in east london! Pretty sure they’re filming when Jake goes into a club called Alibi, which I’ve have many memories from, actually met my boyfriend in there! ha!

Watch it HERE if you want! And dance away!





top: monki, camo: rokit vintage

Alright so something is beeping in my room, before when it did it was because my charger was plugged in, but nothing is now, and still beeping, either there’s something in my room or I’ve got tinnitus…  don’t think it’s tinnitus, this is fishy!  As you probably can tell by my suggestion of the subject “something is beeping in my room”, I have nothing very interesting to say today.. Well my brother and his family are going to Florida tomorrow, miami, orlando, for a month, well jel! My nephew who’s 4 years old, and completely OBSESSED with Lightning Mcqueen from the movie Cars, he’s SO excited, cause when they go to Disney land, he’s finally gonna met Mcqueen, haha :) he’s promised me a pic of him and Mcqueen together!