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black innn

Mesh top: h&m, tube top underneath: h&m (old), quilted leather skirt: Cubus, sunnies: h&m, heels: from macedonia, bag: & other stories, bracelet: Cheap Monday, necklace: vintage

Here’s another outfit taken in Macedonia, in Bitola, the town my parents are from :) All black… again.. can’t help it! What do you think of the outfit? :)

Just came home after an entire day at my brother’s place, spending time with his family, my nephew and niece, oh they’re such cutiepies!! love :) A perfect sunday! xx


















Photo: Lina Borg, edit: me,

Tee & bomber jacket: Gina tricot, leather shorts: bikbok, necklace: vintage, rings: h&m, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: h&m

My new v neck tee
from Gina tricot is on! Love the baggy kinda boyfriend fit! Also loving that it’s v neck! My first v neck tee ;)! Also super comfy!!!

Don’t know what’s with me lately but I’m SO in the shopping mood! I’ve actually even been dreaming these last few days that I’ve done some great shopping at topshop! Haha, I’m feeling the urge to buy something with a wow factor to it!

But I’ve never been the one to shop loads, just because i want to shop, I rather wait till I find something I really like! I rarely buy something if I don’t love it!
That way I’m avoiding the regretful items, it’s not like I’m stopping myself for buying things, this is just the way I am which I’m quite glad for!

So because of my urge, I’m gonna see if I can go shopping this week one day :) and see if there’s anything out there!

Anyways, gonna wash my hair now, which is gonna take ages as always cause I got so much hair.. annoying, but has to be done!

Then I might watch the first episode of the new show orange is the new black! Any of u seen it? My friend said it was great! So I’m gonna give it a go! :)






Shorts: Levi’s, rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, shirt: h&m (old) tank: bikbok, sunnies: h&m , necklaces: vintage and Dolce & gabbana

I love this red check shirt, been having it for ages, and it’s still my baby! Felt it was time to put it on ;).

Quite a late post today, sorry, just came home from painting out cottage in our allotment, u see! Funny thing about painting, it always seems quite fun when you watch someone do it on tv or something but then once you do it, you notice quite quickly that it’s not as fun as it may look! And it takes ages! But it turned out very nice :) still have some more painting to do, but that will have to wait a few days!

Now I’m gonna make a bacon sandwich oh yeah!!! I so deserve it! Xx


Pics: google, tumblr, twinfashion blog

Some Sunday accessories inspo!

How cool isn’t the Chanel necklace that hangs in the neck, gorgeous! Want! And the black Givenchy clutch, you know how much of a Givenchy fan I am!! And the twins accessories are too cool, especially the holographic cuffs! Love em!

Stayed last night at my sister’s again :) just chilling out, and today it’s he warmest day here yet, so hello beach again! :) hope you all have a great Sunday! Xx :)


Gown: Kaufmanfranco, holographic clutch: Polyvore.com, heels: Zara, black clutch: net a porter.com, bracelet: fashiolista.com

Think this gown by Kaufmanfranco is stunning!
Think you can style it either with a black more simple classic clutch and accessories or you could style it a bit more edgy with an outstanding clutch and chunkier jewellery, how would you style it? :) I like it with a more edgy styling!

Now it’s time to get ready, gonna meet up with my friend tonight :) just ate loads of dinner though so I’m in a major food coma, need to get out of this coma!! Agh!






Tee: Topshop, leather shorts: Bikbok, heels: Mango, clutch: Minusey.com, sunnies: H&M, rings: gina tricot, bracelet: Cheap Monday

This is one of the outfits from Macedonia :)

This is just outside where my aunt lives actually! Super cosy, up on the mountain :), you can also see all the beautiful Balkan mountains in the background, oh the nature over there is just to die for! I get amazed every time I go there! <3 perfect nature for cool pics!









Close ups from lately!

Today we decided to go into town in Ohrid instead, no swimming, cause sadly the weather was bad :( It’s been a bit tricky with the weather this week, warm but a bit cloudy a few days.. I’ve never experienced macedonia as cold as its been on this trip… Hope it gets better!

But the plan is now to go back to bitola tomorrow, one day earlier then planned, cause if the weather.. So only been two days tanning time over here.. Wanted a proper tan, but let’s hope the weather in Sweden will deliver some sunshine when I come back!

Anyways today we been to the old part of Ohrid, went to a beautiful church, high up on a mountain, so pretty! From there we took a little boat ride, got some great shots of the city! Then we had some nice lunch :)