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few of my fave accessories at the moment!

As you might have noticed lately, my plastic heels are on the top of my fave list!



Bracelet: Mulberry, shorts: Stadium, Top: Topshop, Iphone cover: Marc by Marc Jacobs, bra: Stella McCartney


One can not help to be a material girl, am I right or what? Here’s a few of my likes! Loving these mesh shorts from Stadium! But let’s not buy anymore sportgear, at least not yet, considering last time I went big in that shopping area, I only ended up wearing it like 5 times..

All though let me remind you that I’m making a comeback on the training scene at the moment! Actually going to the gym later on today! Oh yeah you heard me alright! Suffered from some extreme muscle pains that lasted like three days after my first gym appearance which was last thursday, aouch I say! But then again that proves that I did go big!

And there’s no stopping me now!  Now thinking about it, me starting to work it, while trying to quit biting my nails, two massive changes in my life, will I make it all the way WILL I?!? We can all agree on that this journey is not gonna get pretty, sweat and tears my friends, sweat and tears.

Now I felt I got a bit carried away with the gym story, let’s start focusing on the items above shall we!  So I already have the dog Iphone case by Marc by Marc Jacobs, but now I wouldn’t mind getting him a little zebra friend! Isn’t he cute! Also Topshop has some great stuff in at the moment, real nice tops especially, found a few that I really like, and this is just one of them! White, simple, clean, big like!

And let’s not forget about the gorgoues Mulberry bracelet, hot! And the Stella bra, love the yellow, think it’s well cool!

Now I’m off to the doctor’s todels! :) I’ll see you later! xx



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Top: Gina tricot, Björn Borg knickers, iphone 5 cover: Marc by Marc Jacobs, thin rings: Meloa, Aloha ring: Hawaii, bracelet: vintage

I had such a great evening last night with the girls! Ate the most amazing steak, so good!! Had lush drinks, and just chatted and laughed away! The perfect girls night :) When I got home, I finished watching a Spice Girls documentary, haha random, but I’m in such a Spice Girls phase right now!

Been listening and watching their videos loads, oh such a great and fun throwback! They were really THE band when me and my friends grew up, our parents would buy us Spice Girls photos, and we would exchange them with each other in school, even the boys did!  I had an whole album full of photos! :) wish I could find that album now, would be real fun to look through it! Then the Spice Girls movie came out, and WOW who didn’t dream about that bus of theirs?!? Where they each had their corner! Oh amazing times!

Me and the girls talked about them yesterday, and we said that we just HAVE to go and watch the Viva Forever musical when I’m back in London, all together, would be so much fun! Were you guys Spice Girls fans?! And which one was the fave? ;) I loved Ginger spice and baby spice! :)



top row from left: hat from comme des fuckdown, belt:, denim shirt:, Underneath from left: iphone cover: marc by marc jacobs, swimsuit: dope, shoes: acne

Love this belt, would look great with a pair of low cut black skinnies!  Also, been looking for the perfect denim shirt for a while now, still haven’t found it, would love it to be in the darker denim, like the one above! Can’t get enough of the Acne shoes, know I’ve posted them here a few times before, but they’re just too nice! I haven’t forgotten about the Dope swimsuit yet, it’s still super cool! And this marc by marc jacobs iphone cover, it’s just too cute! need it!

Now, I think I might head over to my sister’s, rumour has it she made some scones, who can say no to scones?!? I sure can’t!


Nowadays it’s super fashionable to dress up the ipads and the phones, they’re as much of a accessory as any bracelet or necklace,  so don’t be afraid to have a statement case! I personally love the bunny cases, and that Marc by marc jacobs dog ipad case is wicked!

Which one do u like? xx


Top left: Kate Moss book, Givenchy bag, Vogue book from, second row: Chanel make up bag, and brushes, Marc Jacobs wallet, Dolce & Gabbana bronzer, sunnies: , third row: Chanel black eye shadow, Givenchy wallet, (one can always need a bigger one! ha) Marc by Marc Jacobs key ring and usb, last row: Mulberry laptop case, white iphone 5s, Marc by Marc Jabobs iphone case, lenovo ultrabook.

My ultimate dream bag would be the Givenchy bag, and here’s some things I would love to fill it with, not really sure everything would fit… but one can always pretend and wish! ha! Now my birthday is coming up, (hint family, boyfriend and friends hint!! haha)

Sorry for the late update today, I overslept bigtime, but figured it’s ok, cause I’m ill!



Top from the left: Backpack from The row, Dress: Topshop, Shoes:, Underneath from left: Chanel bag:, Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet:, bra:

Here’s some of my wants! Desperate for the Topshop dress!, Since I saw it a few months ago in the Topshop campaign pictures, I’ve been in love with it, I believe it came out online the other day, and I believe it might already be sold out… I have to have it though, some way some how. this is a must have!!

Ah! my throat is not on the same level as the rest of me today… it’s beeing well fishy! I’m NOT getting ill! ( I am the only one in the house who’s not ill right now, and hopefully it will stay that way!)


dear santa

first row from left: The Kate Moss book, Michael Kors watch, (Canon EOS 1100 D, Canon EF 50 mm 1:1.8 II mediamarkt,) , clutch: gina tricot,

second row from left: see through jumper, weekday, LOVE THIS ONE! backpack + polo scarf: weekday, bronzer: dolce & gabbana, A black turtleneck knitted oversized jumper!!

third row from left: nude lipstick from make up store, shoes: h&m, purse: marc by marc jacobs (spirit stores) gloves: tiger of sweden, A pair of baggy leather trousers!

fourth row from left: belt: gina tricot, black nailpolish: chanel, ring: weekday, simple black pointy suede heels from åhléns.

Dear Santa this is from me to you!

I’ve been very good this year! :)