FFFphoto (20)

fphoto (20)

Pics: Tommy ton,

During fashion week, the great thing is, that not only do you see all the fashion on the runway, you also get to see all the amazing fashion on the streets! Thank god for street style photographers ey! Tommy Ton is one of those brilliant streetstyle photographers, he captures fashion so very well!

 Already seen Tiffany Hsu wearing two of those amazing Givenchy sweatshirts, she’s wearing one of them on the top right, oh LOVE em! Jealous, yes! Also how cool isn’t the lady in the grey coat with those wicked black heels, wow!, statement shoes for real! 

What outfits do you like from the above? I pretty much love em all!

So what’s happening today, well now I’m at my friend’s place Clara, we’re here with our friend Sara, who’s down from Stockholm, she’s only gonna be here for the weekend I believe, so it’s real fun seeing her today! And later, well I don’t know, not any specific plans! Have a party to attend on saturday evening, so prob just gonna chill tonight :)

Hope you all are having a nice friday! xx





Rings & sunnies:, pink blusher: make up store

Want more thin silver rings in fun shapes! Where are you hiding?!? Also, been thinking about getting a pink blusher, it’s one of those things that I think YES gonna buy it, then forgets it, till someone shows up looking gorgeous in pink blusher, and I think again, YES! So maybe I should keep that in mind.. + how cool aren’t these sunnies above!??

So me and my boyfriend are flying to London later on today, woho!! Couldn’t be more excited!! Gonna be so much fun to see everyone, and enjoy the city! So cause my wordpress app isn’t working, the wordpress team is still trying to sort out why it won’t work, apparently it’s many people that has the same problem… so annoyed, cause if my app would work I would be able to blog from London and update you about my days, but I won’t be able to do that now. Will have to update you about London when I come back instead, and in the meantime I’ve prepared for the blog to continue as usual, with loads of fun posts to come, outfits and such ;) !

Gonna do so much shopping in London, can’t wait!



Bracelet: Mulberry, shorts: Stadium, Top: Topshop, Iphone cover: Marc by Marc Jacobs, bra: Stella McCartney


One can not help to be a material girl, am I right or what? Here’s a few of my likes! Loving these mesh shorts from Stadium! But let’s not buy anymore sportgear, at least not yet, considering last time I went big in that shopping area, I only ended up wearing it like 5 times..

All though let me remind you that I’m making a comeback on the training scene at the moment! Actually going to the gym later on today! Oh yeah you heard me alright! Suffered from some extreme muscle pains that lasted like three days after my first gym appearance which was last thursday, aouch I say! But then again that proves that I did go big!

And there’s no stopping me now!  Now thinking about it, me starting to work it, while trying to quit biting my nails, two massive changes in my life, will I make it all the way WILL I?!? We can all agree on that this journey is not gonna get pretty, sweat and tears my friends, sweat and tears.

Now I felt I got a bit carried away with the gym story, let’s start focusing on the items above shall we!  So I already have the dog Iphone case by Marc by Marc Jacobs, but now I wouldn’t mind getting him a little zebra friend! Isn’t he cute! Also Topshop has some great stuff in at the moment, real nice tops especially, found a few that I really like, and this is just one of them! White, simple, clean, big like!

And let’s not forget about the gorgoues Mulberry bracelet, hot! And the Stella bra, love the yellow, think it’s well cool!

Now I’m off to the doctor’s todels! :) I’ll see you later! xx




Got myself some new bling!

I was really out to get my friend a birthday gift, knew I wanted to get her a lush gold bracelet, so once I got into town, I went into a swedish store called Ur & Penn, where they sell lots of watches and jewellery, and I NEVER ever go in there, probably because the few times I’ve been in there, I’ve haven’t found anything real nice, but this time, HELLO jewellery!

I was quite impressed to be honest! Especially when I saw all these link bracelets and necklaces in silver, rose gold, and gold! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!  So not only did I get my friend the bracelet in gold, and also two other things, I also got myself this rose gold coloured bracelet and necklace, plus the silver link bracelet, yes I went all in! It was just too good to miss out on you see!  So pleased I bought them now, worn them loads! Also my first jewellery in rose gold, thought it was a bit fun to go for rose!



Sunnies: Linda Farrow, Yellow clutch: Victoria Beckham, leather jacket: Junya Watanabe, Concealer: Bare Minerals, Black clutch: Saint Laurent

If someone out there is a bit bored or just feels the urge to give, feel free to give me these items! I will gladly accept them, I’ll promise you!

Aghh!! look at that leather jacket, it really has a wow factor over it doesn’t it?!? Love the combo of white and black leather together with tartan, amazing! Perfect for autumn, isn’t it? Thought the Victoria Beckham clutch was real fun too, a bit odd colours, but I really like it, would so work to a more simple outfit! Saint Laurent never lets you down, all they’re clutches are just gorgeous! Don’t you agree? Also, I’m pretty desperate after this Bare Minerals concealer, but because I’m poor, and decided to spend my money on clothes instead, I’ve ignored this fact. (Again, feel free to post it to me), x mas is coming up after all…

Anyways, moving on, let me tell you about my exciting friday! I’m laundry! Happy happy times ey! Not sure if it can get anymore exciting then that! Can you top that?!? CAN YOU?! if so, comment and let me know what you’re up to :)


Cap & jumper: Stella McCartney, clutch: Acne, watch: topshop, sunnies & skirt:, heels: Gianvito Rossi, bracelet:, rings:

Adore this Stella McCartney jumper, isn’t it amazing?!? want want want! this would be my stella dream outfit, with a nice tight leather skirt, the jumper over the skirt, the Rossi heels, white clutch, fun sunnies, cap, and silver jewellery! oh yeah!! Do you like? :) It’s quite a sporty chic look! And you know me, I love the sporty trend, such a fun trend to play around with!

I just came home, after spending my day with a friend of mine, we took some pics, that turned out real nice! will show you them this week! Right now, I’m waiting for my pizza to get done, and then I’m gonna enjoy that while watching Peep show, watched the episodes so many times, but I can never get tired of Jeremy and Mark! If you want to watch a fun tv show, I recommend this one!

me likey

Scrunchies , watch and white tee: topshop, jacket: gina tricot

A few items I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe! Thought the scrunchies are real cute, to the right outfit! :) Also I don’t own a watch! Been looking for a chunky silver one for a long time now, but haven’t found the right one, this one from topshop looks cool though! That white tee, hello pretty one! love the plastic bit in the end, looks wicked! And the white and black baseball jacket from Gina tricot, also a win win! Do you like any of the items above? ;)

Been such a lazy bird today! Walked around in my pj’s pretty much the entire day, about two hours ago, I felt it was time to wake up for real, so I finally I decided to get dressed! Also been emailing loads with this Jorge guy from WordPress, he tries to figure out what’s wrong with my wordpress app, the app doesn’t let me log in to my blog, and it’s doing my head in, hate to blog from my laptop, aghh! so let’s cross our fingers, and hope that Jorge, with his magical wordpress mind, will figure it out and fix it for me! (Jorge I believe in you!!)

Now I just had some dinner, think I might have eaten an expired mozarella… the consistency was quite dodge I must admit, but it tasted alright, oh well, guess we’ll see by the end of tonight, if I’ll survived it or not.

Tonight I’m just gonna chill, and watch the final episode of Orange is the new black, so gutted I only have one more episode to go! How will I survive without this amazing show??! aghh! Season 2 , come on!! have you seen the show?! u like? If you haven’t seen it, GET ON IT PEOPLE!  so good! stream it ! ;)


Cap: Stella McCartney, heels: Gianvito Rossi, jacket: DKNY, bra: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, Shorts: Stella McCartney for Adidas

A few hot black items! You know how much I love black, it’s always a win win! That DKNY jacket is just too cool! And the Rossi heels! Wow! Love love!

Sorry for some bad updates lately, it’s basically cause I’m preparing for a blog move you see :) when it’s time I’ll let you know ;) will be exciting! So stay tuned ;)

Right now I’m actually on the train with a friend of mine, we’re on our way to my other friend’s summer house! Gonna be lush! :) beach time hello!

Have a great day everyone!! Xx :)


necklace: topshop, clutch: Kenzo, Sweater: Boy London, leather shorts:, sunnies: Illesteva, shoes: Creepers underground

A Boy London outfit!

Need to get this sweater! But it’s too warm for it now, maybe for later on! Love it! This is an outfit I wouldn’t mind wearing! Spice it up with a fun clutch and cool shoes, and it’s on! Do you like it? :)

Today I’ve been in town for lunch with the girls, had a lush chicken bacon baguette, hello!!! So good!

Then we did some shopping, I got a new silver ring! And a coconut body mist from body shop which I will try on later on today! :)

Now I’m back home, think I might watch a episode of orange is the new black, didn’t watch it last night, so might do now, need to chill out a bit, cause later I’m going to a party with the ladies! :) hmm what to wear, what to wear….


First row from the left: 1: Miu Miu 2: Pilots: Ray ban, 3: Carven, second row from the left: 1: Topshop 2: Giorgio Armani 3: Linda Farrow


A few real cool sunnies! Sunnies is such a cool and easy way to spice up an outfit! One can not get enough of sunnies! Who’s with me? ;)

I came home not very long ago, after a nice day in the park with a friend of mine, we then went into some shops, and I bought a new tee :) baggy white one, love it! Will show you it tomorrow ;) !