Charlotte Olympia lemon clutch


Lemon clutch: Charlotte Olympia, boots: topshop, sweater: boy London, sunnies: Illesteva, bag: topshop

Loving these items! Want them all! Anyone keen on buying them for me?! Sadly my economy is working a but against me at the moment, but if I by any chance win the lottery, (the chances are very small, cause I don’t play the lottery..)
BUT if then I would get myself at least the lemon clutch, boots and boy London sweater, love!

Now I’m gonna take a little nap, (oh my felt like I just aged 70 years writing this) but I did only sleep like 6 hours last night, and my brother and his family is coming over later on, and i’m guessing they don’t want to experience me like this, tired and grumpy,
like I’ve gone back in time 6 years = me in the middle of the teenage era, not very pleasant. So sleepy time it is! Xx