Month: February 2014

Loves it


Love these items! Please buy em
to me anyone?!

Arrived in Marrakech today! Wowza our hotel is amazing! So pretty! Basically we knew that it was a part of the palace but didn’t realise until now that the palace is right next to us and you can see it from our terrace, explains why there’s a whole military basis outside guarding the estate!

Anyways, we started our day with a lush lunch by our pool, then a bit of relaxing time on our terrace, get some of that well deserved d vitamins after the looong and dark winter! The souk time, which was quite intense to be honest haha, now we’re tired birds and chillin before dinner time tonight! :)

Will have so many pics to show u all! So excited!!

Prada sunnies, Alexander wang sweat, Jeffrey Campbell shoes



Just thought I’d show you where I’ll be tomorrow ;) hello holiday, hello sunshine (desperate for some sun!!)
On our agenda during our stay there’s sky bar, pool hang, shopping, visiting the hotel where sex and the city 2 were filmed (pic top left) + cocktails cocktails cocktails!

I can’t wait! Our hotel is the one on the top right pic, looks lush! And I’m going with the sis so it’s gonna be awesome! I will promise u a lot of pics for the blog for when I come back :)

Today it’s packing time, and work work! Todelo!

New face, Lexi Boling


So far this California born model is taking NY fashion week by storm and will with no doubt conquer the rest of the fashion capitals. Fall/winter 2014/15 is Lexi Boling’s season!

She is the one to look out for this season, already opened a few major shoes including the above, Tommy Hilfiger, this girl is rocking it!

Her incredible looks is definitely growing on me, fierceness all over! Love it!