Just thought I’d show you where I’ll be tomorrow ;) hello holiday, hello sunshine (desperate for some sun!!)
On our agenda during our stay there’s sky bar, pool hang, shopping, visiting the hotel where sex and the city 2 were filmed (pic top left) + cocktails cocktails cocktails!

I can’t wait! Our hotel is the one on the top right pic, looks lush! And I’m going with the sis so it’s gonna be awesome! I will promise u a lot of pics for the blog for when I come back :)

Today it’s packing time, and work work! Todelo!



    1. It is beautiful here! Well go be honest we didn’t plan too much, both of us have never been here before, we’ve travelled much before and we usually ask where to go once we get to the destination, or we just look around, the tricky thing here is that everything is hidden, restaurants and such, and cafés, u kinda have to know where you’re going, so we’ve googled a bit over here, when I come back in a few days I will write more about Marrakech, do’s and dont’s so stay tuned ;) x

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