Month: February 2013


anthony vaccarelloo


This collection is so good! Anthony’s spring summer 2013 collection WOW:ed me and so does this one! The white and black trend is really taking over a lot of the designer’s autumn winter 2013-14 collections! Which I like!  The only tiny thing that I don’t really like at Anthony’s showing , is the choice of lipstick on the models, the dark plum red, this is a nice colour but I do feel it’s a bit too 2011 -2012, it has already been done! don’t get me wrong, this colour still works, but would like to see something different for this autumn! feel like they should have gone with a pale lip instead.

What do you think of this collection?


milaan fas /

Some streetstyle fashion from Milan fashion week  for you all! I adore all of these looks, check out that whole leopard Stella McCartney outfit, super cool! Not many can pull that off, but this girl surely can! Also that relaxed jumper with the leather skirt outfit, looks cool but still casual.  Nice one!

Which ones are ur faves? :) x





Coat: Whistles, shirt: h&m, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: Urban Outfitters, sunnies: Topshop

Got some new stripes ey, this new shirt from h&m! :)

Now chilling out time for moi! todeloo! xx




Wow sunshine today, spring is that you?!!  happy times! Today I had lunch with two of my friends at a very nice restaurant, I had a seafood dish, very pleased! After a whole lot of girltalk , we went into some shops in hopes of getting a black tote bag and something nice to wear for the wedding I’m going to on saturday, quite disappointed of what the stores had to offer, I finally bought one of those black peplum tops, have never really liked them, been a bit against that trend, don’t really know why,  so I don’t know, well it looks good, so maybe, will have a think!

My friend also found the “perfect” black tote bag in H&M, exactly one I’ve been looking for, of course there was only one left (for some reason I’m having a bad luck shopping phase right now, can’t seem to find what I’m looking for!) ha!, so considering my friend spotted it first she got it, hopefully I can find it in another h&m shop, they didn’t have it online, hmm, but online h&m I did find these two white bags, and why don’t they exsist in black!??! WHY?!? would be perfect! actually the one to the left does exsist in black but it’s not at all exactly the same, the black one has studs on it and such, I don’t want anything like that on mine!

Now my litte neck hurts, might just get a bath and relax before dinner!


colour blooo



Tee: Mango, trousers: topshop, shoes: h&m, necklace: vintage, sunnies: topshop bracelet: thomas sabo

The last of the outfit pics from Prague! Got this tee from Mango there too :)

Hope you are all having a cosy tuesday evening! xx




Loving this collection! everything about this collection is pure perfection, the choice of colours, black , navy white’s and beige, the minimalism, the shapes and cuts, wow! Just perfect!

Right now I’m cosying up in the sofa, in my new pjs, yes I’m being a proper cuddler today!