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Had a real nice day today :) met my friend in town, and had some nice food, went for the goatcheese bagel again like the other day, couldn’t resist, haha! Rest of the day has been pretty chilled out, and right now I’m watching The Proposal, it’s on tv, even though I’ve seen it like twenty times, it still has it’s charm, and works as a background movie, while fixing computer stuff! Now I’m gonna make myself some tea! xx


milaan fas


vogue.com / highsnobiety.com

Some streetstyle fashion from Milan fashion week  for you all! I adore all of these looks, check out that whole leopard Stella McCartney outfit, super cool! Not many can pull that off, but this girl surely can! Also that relaxed jumper with the leather skirt outfit, looks cool but still casual.  Nice one!

Which ones are ur faves? :) x