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Trousers: gina tricot, vest: bik bok, camo jacket & backpack: rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, necklace: dolce & gabbana, sunnies: topshop, rings: h&m and bvlgari, beanie: old




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leather jacket and levi’s short: rokit vintage, jumper: gina tricot, necklace: vintage, stay ups: triumph

Too tired today, need to have a chill out a bit now!


Jeans: cheap monday, vest:, leather: rokit vintage, sunnies: vintage ray-bans, shoes: rings: bvlgari, gina tricot

Bandana woop woop!

Just came home from my sister’s she had made an amazing dinner, after the dinner, she me and my nephew turned on some Calvin Harris very loud and shaked it up with real silly dance moves in the livingroom, (yes the neighbours prob think we’re way weird). And then it was time for some bananas with chocolate in the oven, ohh it was good stuff! While eating dessert my sister took out some drawings and letters that I’ve made when I was 9 years old, the letters were a favourite , just me letting her know what I’ve done during the day, watched tv, went outside , haha.