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 You can always trust Balmain to deliver an amazing collection! And this time is no different! Glam, rock, pinstripes, 80’s and sporty chic all in one! I love it! A bit surprised that this collection didn’t follow as much in the steps of their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see the collection HERE!where the massive shoulder pads were dominating the catwalk and the 80’s look was clearly reborn with as much glitter as one could possibly fit on a clothing item.

That was such a gorgeous collection too, but I’m glad they took that 80’s look and remade it a bit for their spring/summer collection! My absolutely favorite outfit is definitely the one in the top middle, that bomber jacket combined with that pinstriped/baseball top, baggy leather trousers and lot’s of gold statement pieces! WOW factor that is! Balmain, you killed it as always!

See the whole collection HERE!

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Wang Wang Wang, do I have to say more? As soon as you hear Wang’s name you know you’re expecting a hell of a collection! I’ve always been a killer for his minimalistic rock chic dressed models, no one can pull that off better then Wang himself!

This time we see a much more summery collection, with pastels combined with grey or leather, sharp cuts, let’s just say it’s minimalism at it’s best! A collection much more different then their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see it HERE!Which was very dark! Wang usually does dark collection’s but that one was even darker, almost a bit too dark. So I like this summer/spring Wang girl, with her pastels tops and cool edgy bottoms! Definitely one of my favorite spring/summer 2014 collections!

See the whole collection HERE! 

Click on the link below that says “mer” to read & see the rest of the shows!



Top left: Kate Moss book, Givenchy bag, Vogue book from, second row: Chanel make up bag, and brushes, Marc Jacobs wallet, Dolce & Gabbana bronzer, sunnies: , third row: Chanel black eye shadow, Givenchy wallet, (one can always need a bigger one! ha) Marc by Marc Jacobs key ring and usb, last row: Mulberry laptop case, white iphone 5s, Marc by Marc Jabobs iphone case, lenovo ultrabook.

My ultimate dream bag would be the Givenchy bag, and here’s some things I would love to fill it with, not really sure everything would fit… but one can always pretend and wish! ha! Now my birthday is coming up, (hint family, boyfriend and friends hint!! haha)

Sorry for the late update today, I overslept bigtime, but figured it’s ok, cause I’m ill!



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Adidas track, jeans: cheap monday, mesh top: h&m, shoes: creepers underground, necklaces: vintage and dolce & gabbana, rings: gina tricot, big silver ring: weekday, beanie: lindex

FINALLY found myself the perfect long sleeve mesh top! I’m loving it!! Also painted just one of my nails gold, from the nailpolish I got yesterday, it looked how I imagined! Like the idea of having just one nail in a different colour!



neon 22



leather jacket: rokit vintage, vest: topshop, shirt: emilio, denim: cheap monday, shoes:, beanie: lindex, necklace: D&G, bracelet: MMM for h&m, ring: Bvlgari and gina tricot

Please note my nails! I have coloured nailpolish on them for the first time in many many years!! happy times! They have grown a tiny bit, so I’m so on it, hello future longer nails! Now have to decorate the x mas tree, to be honest I can’t really be bothered, cause I’m super tired, but it’s a must! todels!




Leather jacket & vest: topshop, fur: vintage, trousers: gina tricot, shoes: necklace: dolce and gabbana

So when I was out and about today, we found this great place to take some pics, we were in positions all ready, and then I noticed that I’ve left my camera batteri at home, SO annoying! so by the time I went out again, it got a bit darker, so the pics didn’t turn out any good, but as you can see I was all black today, suprise! ha.

Now, kinda feels like my head is gonna explode, I don’t have a headache, just really tense just above my left ear for some reason, had it last night, and today again, this is fishy!


dear santa

first row from left: The Kate Moss book, Michael Kors watch, (Canon EOS 1100 D, Canon EF 50 mm 1:1.8 II mediamarkt,) , clutch: gina tricot,

second row from left: see through jumper, weekday, LOVE THIS ONE! backpack + polo scarf: weekday, bronzer: dolce & gabbana, A black turtleneck knitted oversized jumper!!

third row from left: nude lipstick from make up store, shoes: h&m, purse: marc by marc jacobs (spirit stores) gloves: tiger of sweden, A pair of baggy leather trousers!

fourth row from left: belt: gina tricot, black nailpolish: chanel, ring: weekday, simple black pointy suede heels from åhléns.

Dear Santa this is from me to you!

I’ve been very good this year! :)


Trousers and blazer: gina tricot, blouse: vintage, shoes:, belt: tiger of sweden, necklace: dolce & gabbana

Wore my off white blazer today!

Now there’s nothing fun on tv tonight, so gonna do some drawing, need to finish that portrait! todeloo!