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Right before I left for Marrakech, my mum went through her wardrobe and found these amazing red printed trousers which she had made ages ago, I tried them on, and hello perfect Moroccan trousers! Completely fell in love with them, and oh so comfy, they’re made in this amazing thin silk which makes it feel like your not wearing anything at all! So glad I got to borrow them for my Marrakech trip, you like? x


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 Blazer: Gina Tricot (old) similar HERE!/Jeans: HERE!/Heels: from Macedonia/ Thick gold bracelet: & other stories, similar and cheaper HERE!/Link bracelet: GoGo Phillip you can find it HERE!/Rings: h&m/Necklace: Ur & Penn/Sunnies: Topshop

All Black.








The sporty trend is definitely one of my fave trends this year, love it, cause it’s quite casual but still cool! These three above are real nice, my ultimate fave is the Celine one in the middle, who doesn’t wanna lay their hands on that one ey?!?! We’ll see if I’ll wear my topshop tee/ dress as a dress this summer, I’m not that much for dresses, and especially not so much for the baggy ones, cause I think I’ll worry about flashing if it’s windy, it’s a risky buisness! ha! we’ll see, needs to get much much warmer before that can happen anyways!

I never partied with Ben & jerry last night, it got too late, and I was busy doing other stuff, I also watched the season finale of my fave sitcom at the moment “Whitney” super sad it’s over for now… I really hope they’ll make a third season! In this episode it was Whitney Cummings and Chealsea Handler, oh my, could there be any greater combo?!? love these two women! enought about my nerdiness now, I had pretty bad nighmares last night :( not fun! Woke up from it, and had to stay awake for a while so I wouldn’t fall back into the dream again, cause I usually do!

Also I wanna say thank you so much for the brilliant site /page Macedonian fashion bloggers, they’ve been so kind to me, and really made me a part of their community, thank you!

Also while I’m at it, I don’t have a coloumn or anything where I list my fave blogs, so I’d thought I’d let you know now one of them which is my ultimate fave streetstyle blog, everytime I’m in need of some inspo, or I dunno what to wear I always check Stylesnooperdan! She’s the best!

Check out her streetstyle blog HERE!


Tank: bikbok, necklace: h&m

Wow what a day, exhausting but very fun! My brother has a 1 year old and a 4 year old, so it’s a lot going on ! :D they’re the cutest ever! A lot of thigs has happened today, we’ve had some accidents , one of them is where I opened the fridge, and all of a sudden a beer falls out, gets on the floor, where it opens, foam everywhere!! over all the cupboards, fridge, floor and even on the ceiling! haha,

 Also, while I’m cleaning it up, my focus was mostly on the cleaning, I could hear my 4 year old nephew going “I’m gonna paint” I see him sit down, I walk away for a second! I hear his mum going “mia, you’re keeping an eye on him right?” I’m like “yeaah” I walk up to the table, where I see that he’s opened loads of textile colour, and poured it on a plastic lid, on our tablecloth, at our dining table! I was like NOOO! don’t !! thank god he poured it on the plastic lid! haha, the tablecloth just ended up with a tiny stain! So that situation could have gone really bad, but turned out alright!

We had some nice food and an AMAZING lemon pavlova cake! A cake we saw Mary Berry do at the great british bake off easter special! HERE’S the recipe ! I really recommend it! Everyone loved it!  It was that perfect combo between sweetness and sourness! Our didn’t turn out like the one on the pic, cause it was tricky to make those little nests, cause the meringue was to soft, we just had a meringue bottom, with the lemon cream on top, and decorated it with lemon zest and chocolate eggs, very nice!!

Anyways, hope you all had a great easter weekend :D! I’m so tired now, gonna relax in front of the tv! xx



Top left: sunnies:, Givenchy tee, Moschino backpack, Chanel bracelet, Gold necklace: Underneath: Givenchy heels, leather shorts:, creepers underground

I love this outfit, I’m a huge fan of Givenchy, and the Givenchy tee’s, so this is really a dream outfit! Need to get myself a pair of baggy leather shorts as well for summer!

Picked two pairs of shoes to this outfit, the heels , if you wanna dress it up a bit, or the creepers if you wanna go all street!


P.s, my throat still hurts! think I might need to call the doctor’s tomorrow, cause I’ve had this for quite a while now… Also, I might add that last night, I decided to make waffles, well I completely failed! How can someone fail making waffles?!? I mean I didn’t even have to make the batter myself, bought it! Basically, I poured the batter in the waffle iron, before the iron was hot.. so the waffles turned out all burned and super flat, kinda like crisps…. Also was gonna melt chocolate in the microwave but accidentally put the microwave on the grill /oven mode, so burned the chocolate too… Failiure! So there I was , eating my burned waffles with the burned chocolate …

 I’m telling you, everytime I try to make something in this kitchen, it just fails!! I was a great cook in London, but I’ve kinda lost my making food mojo, what’s happening?! :(

Gonna make new waffles later on! They better turn out nice!!