Shorts: Levi’s, rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, shirt: h&m (old) tank: bikbok, sunnies: h&m , necklaces: vintage and Dolce & gabbana

I love this red check shirt, been having it for ages, and it’s still my baby! Felt it was time to put it on ;).

Quite a late post today, sorry, just came home from painting out cottage in our allotment, u see! Funny thing about painting, it always seems quite fun when you watch someone do it on tv or something but then once you do it, you notice quite quickly that it’s not as fun as it may look! And it takes ages! But it turned out very nice :) still have some more painting to do, but that will have to wait a few days!

Now I’m gonna make a bacon sandwich oh yeah!!! I so deserve it! Xx




Shirt: rokit vintage, necklace: h&m

Haven’t worn this shirt for ages, used to love it!

Wow done some proper gardening today in out allotment with my mum, (It made me feel a bit more grown up, gardening and all) ha! then we made some lush dinner, now I’m gonna watch the final of the great british bake off, woho!



top row from left: hat from comme des fuckdown, belt:, denim shirt:, Underneath from left: iphone cover: marc by marc jacobs, swimsuit: dope, shoes: acne

Love this belt, would look great with a pair of low cut black skinnies!  Also, been looking for the perfect denim shirt for a while now, still haven’t found it, would love it to be in the darker denim, like the one above! Can’t get enough of the Acne shoes, know I’ve posted them here a few times before, but they’re just too nice! I haven’t forgotten about the Dope swimsuit yet, it’s still super cool! And this marc by marc jacobs iphone cover, it’s just too cute! need it!

Now, I think I might head over to my sister’s, rumour has it she made some scones, who can say no to scones?!? I sure can’t!



Top left: sunnies:, Givenchy tee, Moschino backpack, Chanel bracelet, Gold necklace: Underneath: Givenchy heels, leather shorts:, creepers underground

I love this outfit, I’m a huge fan of Givenchy, and the Givenchy tee’s, so this is really a dream outfit! Need to get myself a pair of baggy leather shorts as well for summer!

Picked two pairs of shoes to this outfit, the heels , if you wanna dress it up a bit, or the creepers if you wanna go all street!


P.s, my throat still hurts! think I might need to call the doctor’s tomorrow, cause I’ve had this for quite a while now… Also, I might add that last night, I decided to make waffles, well I completely failed! How can someone fail making waffles?!? I mean I didn’t even have to make the batter myself, bought it! Basically, I poured the batter in the waffle iron, before the iron was hot.. so the waffles turned out all burned and super flat, kinda like crisps…. Also was gonna melt chocolate in the microwave but accidentally put the microwave on the grill /oven mode, so burned the chocolate too… Failiure! So there I was , eating my burned waffles with the burned chocolate …

 I’m telling you, everytime I try to make something in this kitchen, it just fails!! I was a great cook in London, but I’ve kinda lost my making food mojo, what’s happening?! :(

Gonna make new waffles later on! They better turn out nice!!


Yes, I wanna know what YOU like me to blog about!

Do you enjoy the fashion/editorial posts? more or less of these? the streetstyle posts? Or maybe you like to see more posts of me?, outfit posts?  more or less of the videos? Or maybe you like it the way it is now, if so, please tell me :)

Any other ideas of what you like me to blog about ?

Please comment and let me know ! :) xx kisses! have a good night you all!





Coat: Whistles, shirt: h&m, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: Urban Outfitters, sunnies: Topshop

Got some new stripes ey, this new shirt from h&m! :)

Now chilling out time for moi! todeloo! xx



leather shorts: bikbok, shirt: unkown, bracelet: maison martin margiela for h&m, sunnies: vintage ray-bans

Just this one pic for you all today, sorry, but my camera seems to be having a go.. don’t know what’s happening, just won’t really focus, very fishy indeed! Anyhow I’m soooo tired, feel like a zombie, a walking dead, haha guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Also today Bang Bang by Cher has been played on repeat, OH yeeahh, such a tune! I think many people think of the Kill Bill version, not knowing that Cher made the original, and it’s bloody awesome! You can listen to it HERE! you almost have to :)




Omg, for some reason it’s been taking me ages to make this post, my computer is being super slow… anyhow, did some shopping today!! Got a tee from Acne and one from h&m, didn’t find the dress I posted before about, don’t think they have it in store yet! So I’ll keep looking out for it! Got myself some more nailpolish! And a face cream, hopefully now my skin will be much more softer!

I’m really tired now, so gonna take a nap now, ( i know, old lady style) and later i’m meeting up with a friend in town, todeloo!





shirt: rokit vintage, chain necklace & fur hat: vintage, cross: brick lane sunday up market rings: gina tricot, bvlgari

I’ve reconnected with the song “Nightcall” by Kavinsky today, it’s still such a tune, if you haven’t heard it, you must! You can listen to it HERE! :) xx




seq ny


sequu ny

Sequin top and shorts: vintage, shirt:emilio, shoes: urban outfitters, bracelet: mmm for h&m, rings: bvlgari and gina tricot

Hello! So today has been the exciting day of laundry! Then my sister and my nephew came around for some dinner, also just had a real fun skype session with one of my london friends who I really miss :) Gonna cosy up now! Really wanna watch once upon a time (yes the show I’ve being going on about for the last few days) I stream it, and soon I’ve catched up with the american tv, don’t wanna come to the point where I have to wait a whole week to watch episodes, oohh what a dilemma, what to do?!!? ha.. This is pretty much my biggest problem right now! that’s a bit sad.. haha, xx