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White blouse: unknown, trousers: gina tricot, shoes: nilsons, coat: whistles, sunnies: topshop, gloves: tiger of sweden

Wow I’ve been very productive today! Laundry, cleaning, been out and about, grocery shopping, done it all! Have some more blog things to do, shower and then it’s sleepy time! Will be needing my beauty sleep for tomorrow you see !xx





Coat: Whistles, shirt: h&m, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: Urban Outfitters, sunnies: Topshop

Got some new stripes ey, this new shirt from h&m! :)

Now chilling out time for moi! todeloo! xx

The fence



Sweater: Rokit vintage, coat: Whistles, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: H&M, beanie: unknown, necklace: vintage

A lot of leather trousers lately, I know… but I just can’t help myself!! As I’ve said before, when I’m in love with an item, I just can’t stop wearing it, cause as soon as I start thinking about an outfit I can wear, I go “yes could wear that with the skirt, all though I know it would looks SO much better with the leather trousers” So leather trousers it is!  Therefore you just have to bear with me for a little while and let me feel the love to the leathers!  :) xx

P.s my hair looks like shiat on these pics… therefore I had to redo it!






Coat: Whistles, white shirt: unknown, Mesh top: H&M, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: choies.com, cap: unknown, rings: bvlgari, gina tricot

Wore my mesh top today again, love it! But this time over a white shirt, which I thought looked quite cool! So did some shopping earlier on today, and had a family dinner, it’s a holiday in Macedonia today, where the whole family gathers for dinner, you then put a coin in the food, put the food on the table , spin the plate with the food around, three times, and the piece of food that ends up in front of you, that’s the piece you’re supposed to eat, and who ever gets the coin, gets lucky through out the year, and I got the coin this year, woohoo! 2013 you better be my year!



shot nyy


shoot jjjj

shoot glo

leather trousers: Nowhere, shirt: unknown, coat: Whistles, shoes: Urban Outfitters, necklace: vintage, gloves: Tiger of sweden

photographed by Michael Jones

Got the shoes on the pic from my boyfriend for x mas!! I love em! He’s so great with gifts, he’s a keeper he is! haha!

And I’m so so happy with my new camera and objective, makes all the detail pics look great! Will try and show you the camera tomorrow! x



coat: whistles, levi’s vest: rokit vintage, skirt: cubus, beanie: lindex, shoes: choies.com

Wow been out and about the entire day today, feels like I haven’t been this active since 2004 maybe? haha, no, joke, but I was away earlier today, then to my sister’s, then away to buy a x mas tree, then back to my sister’s decorated it, looks AMAZING, if I may say. Then I left straight to met up with a friend of mine, we took a really long evening walk, real cosy, we walked around for like two hours, I wasn’t cold, but then in the end we stood still for quite a while, so that was when the freezing began, BUT let me inform you, that before I went to my sister’s I was SO prepared for the weather, put on jeans, tights underneath, two jumperS, my beanie, a hoodie, gloves the whole thing, so once I stepped out of the door a satisfying smile appeared on my face, YES for ONCE I wasn’t cold! Well proud of myself!!! But now one my way back home, oohh.. even though I had so many layers, I was freezing.

Oh and p.s sorry for the very bad quality pic, my mum took the good camera with her to Australia, so gonna have this other one for a bit.. which is quite shit, but hopefully gonna get a new one fairly soon! fingers crossed!

One more thing, had more pictures from today. but because my camera is being a dick, so that combined with the days here being so dark… not a great combo..So therefore just one pic.. xx



coat 2


jumper and leather leggins: gina tricot, coat: whistles, shirt: unknown, shoes: choies.com

So when you’re out and about these winter days it’s tricky to decide what to wear, cause you can’t really have skirts or such in this weather, way too cold, so trousers are pretty much the only option, with tights underneath, and many many layers of much more clothing! Cause today was super cold, almost needed to cover my face with my scarf!

Anyhow, what’s new, well just now I saw that my friend had met Jude Law today, now two of my friends have met him, what about ME?!?! I used to hang out in the neighbourhod where he lives, but still not a sight of him! why WHY?!

Also my dear HSBC bank, who I thought I had become friends with (we have had some big issues in our relationship) has decided not to cancel my direct debit to my ex landlord, so my bank just keeps paying him, NOT OK! second time it’s happened, think the landlord is a bit annoyed of this now. And to be frank I’m getting pretty poor because of this! But everything is gonna be fine now I hope! finger’s crossed!