black coat



Elin Kling the swedish fashionblogger (stylebykling), she always get’s it right, her style is simple which I like, it’s not very “try hard”. Thumbs up!

My mum came home today after a month in Australia, so it’s nice to see her again! So we’d had some family time over here! And she brought loads of gifts! We looked at her photos of all the beaches palm tree’s and such, so jealous, it’s been snowing here today, minus degrees!

Gonna chill out a bit now, and later this evening I’m off meeting up with some friends in town! Will upload some pics of my new Acne tee as well later on! xx



Most of you prob know how much I love black! Here’s some stylish women rocking all black! Hot I say!

Now time for some dinner, my head feels all smushed, cause I haven’t been out today at all, got so dark so early today, so just been home chilling out, taken some pics, which I’ll show you later ;) xx



coat 2


jumper and leather leggins: gina tricot, coat: whistles, shirt: unknown, shoes:

So when you’re out and about these winter days it’s tricky to decide what to wear, cause you can’t really have skirts or such in this weather, way too cold, so trousers are pretty much the only option, with tights underneath, and many many layers of much more clothing! Cause today was super cold, almost needed to cover my face with my scarf!

Anyhow, what’s new, well just now I saw that my friend had met Jude Law today, now two of my friends have met him, what about ME?!?! I used to hang out in the neighbourhod where he lives, but still not a sight of him! why WHY?!

Also my dear HSBC bank, who I thought I had become friends with (we have had some big issues in our relationship) has decided not to cancel my direct debit to my ex landlord, so my bank just keeps paying him, NOT OK! second time it’s happened, think the landlord is a bit annoyed of this now. And to be frank I’m getting pretty poor because of this! But everything is gonna be fine now I hope! finger’s crossed!