Top row from left:  Saint Laurent bracelet, top: ragged priest, Saint Laurent belt Underneath from left: Bomber sleeveless jacket: Alexander McQueen, shoes:, Bomber/baseball jacket: ragged priest

Want these items!!  especially the mcqueen, ragged priest stuff and shoes! Need those shoes so bad for summer! Will let my boyfriend know about the ragged priest things, cause my b day is coming up ;) ha!

Sorry for a late update today, had a stressfull morning, and didn’t have time to blog before I left to go shopping with a friend of mine, I got myself some real nice stuff, show you tomorrow!


giiivennn NY



Blazer: Gina Tricot, top:, trousers: Topshop, shoes:, gloves: Tiger of sweden, necklace: vintage

I saw these trousers in Topshop in Prague, and I just had to go for it! They’re super comfy too!

Now people tonight is THE big night, the academy awards! wohoo, (not that I’m going) ha! But I will surely cosy up with some popcorn in front of the tv later on tonight and watch it! Can’t wait to see all the fancy schmancy dresses! Are any of u gonna watch it? :) xx



So I’ve been lurking around for some bigger black bags,haven’t seen anything I like besides this one above, which I found at the website just now! quite like it! Love the shape of it and it’s details not so sure about the brown details though.. hmm will have a think, we’ll see, this one is a bit pricy, and considering there’s a risk that I might not use it that much, I should prob buy something cheaper, I’ll keep on looking!

P.s super duper tired today! And hungry, gonna go eat now, see you laters, and I’ll upload some outfit pics!



neon 22



leather jacket: rokit vintage, vest: topshop, shirt: emilio, denim: cheap monday, shoes:, beanie: lindex, necklace: D&G, bracelet: MMM for h&m, ring: Bvlgari and gina tricot

Please note my nails! I have coloured nailpolish on them for the first time in many many years!! happy times! They have grown a tiny bit, so I’m so on it, hello future longer nails! Now have to decorate the x mas tree, to be honest I can’t really be bothered, cause I’m super tired, but it’s a must! todels!



coat: whistles, levi’s vest: rokit vintage, skirt: cubus, beanie: lindex, shoes:

Wow been out and about the entire day today, feels like I haven’t been this active since 2004 maybe? haha, no, joke, but I was away earlier today, then to my sister’s, then away to buy a x mas tree, then back to my sister’s decorated it, looks AMAZING, if I may say. Then I left straight to met up with a friend of mine, we took a really long evening walk, real cosy, we walked around for like two hours, I wasn’t cold, but then in the end we stood still for quite a while, so that was when the freezing began, BUT let me inform you, that before I went to my sister’s I was SO prepared for the weather, put on jeans, tights underneath, two jumperS, my beanie, a hoodie, gloves the whole thing, so once I stepped out of the door a satisfying smile appeared on my face, YES for ONCE I wasn’t cold! Well proud of myself!!! But now one my way back home, oohh.. even though I had so many layers, I was freezing.

Oh and p.s sorry for the very bad quality pic, my mum took the good camera with her to Australia, so gonna have this other one for a bit.. which is quite shit, but hopefully gonna get a new one fairly soon! fingers crossed!

One more thing, had more pictures from today. but because my camera is being a dick, so that combined with the days here being so dark… not a great combo..So therefore just one pic.. xx



coat 2


jumper and leather leggins: gina tricot, coat: whistles, shirt: unknown, shoes:

So when you’re out and about these winter days it’s tricky to decide what to wear, cause you can’t really have skirts or such in this weather, way too cold, so trousers are pretty much the only option, with tights underneath, and many many layers of much more clothing! Cause today was super cold, almost needed to cover my face with my scarf!

Anyhow, what’s new, well just now I saw that my friend had met Jude Law today, now two of my friends have met him, what about ME?!?! I used to hang out in the neighbourhod where he lives, but still not a sight of him! why WHY?!

Also my dear HSBC bank, who I thought I had become friends with (we have had some big issues in our relationship) has decided not to cancel my direct debit to my ex landlord, so my bank just keeps paying him, NOT OK! second time it’s happened, think the landlord is a bit annoyed of this now. And to be frank I’m getting pretty poor because of this! But everything is gonna be fine now I hope! finger’s crossed!



denim: cheap monday, leather jacket: rokit vintage,neon beanie: lindex, shoes:

This was me today, went into town and my plan was not to freeze my ass off! Kinda succeeded, my legs were proper warm (had tights underneath, sneaky cheeky I know) but my jacket isn’t too warm , but it was fine! Wanted to wear my black denim really, but last time I did, I thought I was gonna loose my legs, they were SO cold, think cause they’re so tight, so no hot air comes in, just two ice cold legs! So grey it was, they’re a not as tight! Been doing some more x mas shopping today, and I’m exhausted!! My arms are killing me for some reason, and legs, everything just aches, prob cause we walked quite a bit, so now I’m just gonna chill, and watch something fun !




Leather jacket & vest: topshop, fur: vintage, trousers: gina tricot, shoes: necklace: dolce and gabbana

So when I was out and about today, we found this great place to take some pics, we were in positions all ready, and then I noticed that I’ve left my camera batteri at home, SO annoying! so by the time I went out again, it got a bit darker, so the pics didn’t turn out any good, but as you can see I was all black today, suprise! ha.

Now, kinda feels like my head is gonna explode, I don’t have a headache, just really tense just above my left ear for some reason, had it last night, and today again, this is fishy!