Went into town yesterday with my friend Lina, she was looking for a b day gift for her mum, but let’s be honest, we couldn’t resist doing some shopping for ourselves as well! I got this sweatshirt from Gina Tricot, that I’ve been checking out for a while, actually saw it and fell a bit in love with it  just a few days before I went to London, but thought I’d wait and see what London had to offer, when I didn’t find anything like this sweathirt, I thought it was finally time to get it! And I love it! Especially love the leathery kinda pattern on it! Actually found some similar sweatshirt’s HERE! that I also thought were lush!! 

Anyways, Got an outfit coming up when I’m wearing this very sweatshirt ;)

The black cape video!




Video made by Michael Jones

My boyfriend works for TV so he loves filming and such, so last time he came for a visit, he brought his camera, and filmed loads! And this is the final result ! :D Hope you like it! xx

 P.s Loads of videos lately, how do you feel about them, you like? Are they fun to watch? Should I /we make more?  :)



So this is the camera I got for xmas, Some say that you should concentrate more on the objective then the camera itself, so I got myself the camera Canon EOS 1100D, it comes with a objective, which is great, but I also wanted a objective with a bigger depth of field so I can photograph details better, so I bought a Canon EF 50 mm 1:1.8, which is awesome! I recommend!



shot nyy


shoot jjjj

shoot glo

leather trousers: Nowhere, shirt: unknown, coat: Whistles, shoes: Urban Outfitters, necklace: vintage, gloves: Tiger of sweden

photographed by Michael Jones

Got the shoes on the pic from my boyfriend for x mas!! I love em! He’s so great with gifts, he’s a keeper he is! haha!

And I’m so so happy with my new camera and objective, makes all the detail pics look great! Will try and show you the camera tomorrow! x



So I dropped off my boyfriend earlier today at the airport, after an amazing weekend together! We took loads of outfit photos, which I will show you!! And did some filming! A very creative weekend it was! Oh and I got my suitcase back from London! woho more of my clothes! And got a great x mas gift from the man, will show u later tonight!

New Year’s was amazing! Me and my boyfriend were gonna go to a dinner party at my sister’s but my sister was ill so it got cancelled, so instead we celebrated my nephew who’s birthday it was, with sushi lunch and cake, and some real fun family table tennis playing in the house! And I can proudly confirm that I’M the master!!!

Then me and the man had a romantic dinner, with real nice food! We we’re planning to go out and watch the fireworks at midnight, but it was raining, so we stayed in, and real glad we did, cause from my window we had the BEST view ever over the city, I live on the 7th floor (which is very high for being in my town), and have massive windows, so we could see fireworks all over, all around town!! Felt completely surreal! Felt like it was taken from a disney movie or something! Never been home in this flat over new year before, but real glad we were!! What a wow moment as soon as the clock turned 00.00!

After the midnight kiss I just had to take my camera and snap some pics!!



Had to post this editorial from The journal with my fave model Cara Delevingne! First when I saw the pics, I didn’t really fancy them, but then after a while I really like em, like how they’re look so “normal” like not very edited, looks like someone taking them with a normal camera, and they’re quite grainy too. Random cool outfits, in random places, like that idea!

What do you think?



Love all these looks, especially Rihanna’s, it’s so casual but hot! oh I loved her as a blonde, sad that haircolour didn’t last for long..

Anyhow, just came home, been to a shop and had a look at some cameras, I want a nice one for x mas you see! We came up to this salesman and asked him a few things, and OH MY how he started to talk, he was well into it, very passionate about the subject! When we left the shop it felt like we’d been to a mini lecture about camera’s!