Blazer: Gina tricot, jeans: Cheap monday, tee: Acne, belt: Tiger of sweden, shoes: H&M, necklace: vintage, bracelet: mmm for h&m

We are working working working with the styling fitting here!

Pst, here’s the daily outfit for you all! I went for a very simple classic look today, denim and a blazer! :) xx


cheap mond

Loving these three jumpers from the Weekday store, especially the one in the middle, need to get my hands on that one!

So last night I started watching a show called Girls, a “comedy” show that came out last year, it’s about 4 girls in their twenties that live in New York. I started watching it cause on it had quite a high rating (and I usually always think what imdb thinks, I’m a big imdb believer!) But this time not so sure, don’t know what I think about the series, it’s a bit of an odd show.

All the four girls are quite strange, the lead character is a bit annoying, a part of me think it’s alright, and another part of me think it’s too much of a “try hard” kinda show, like they want this show to stick out and be a bit indie therefore they chosen these people and characters, which is not my cup of tea. Oh well.. watched all the other shows, so might watch a few more episodes and see what I think.

 Have any of you seen it? Do you like it? xx



It’s sunday today! And my nose and throught are being a bit fishy on me, so I’m gonna spend the day indoors with loads of ginger tea! Planned to take some pics outside today. but it’s a proper snowstorm outside so, no, that’s a no no. I’m just gonna cuddle up and watch something fun!

What are your plans for today? :) xx



Lately I am feeling the love for this brand , Nowhere they sell it at, So in love with those leather trousers, might actually buy em, as a x mas gift for myself, that’s ok isn’t it? And that grey jumper, OH want want! But that one will have to wait, That black coat is wicked too, but it would drown me so no.

Now need to get ready going over to my brother’s place!



coat 2


jumper and leather leggins: gina tricot, coat: whistles, shirt: unknown, shoes:

So when you’re out and about these winter days it’s tricky to decide what to wear, cause you can’t really have skirts or such in this weather, way too cold, so trousers are pretty much the only option, with tights underneath, and many many layers of much more clothing! Cause today was super cold, almost needed to cover my face with my scarf!

Anyhow, what’s new, well just now I saw that my friend had met Jude Law today, now two of my friends have met him, what about ME?!?! I used to hang out in the neighbourhod where he lives, but still not a sight of him! why WHY?!

Also my dear HSBC bank, who I thought I had become friends with (we have had some big issues in our relationship) has decided not to cancel my direct debit to my ex landlord, so my bank just keeps paying him, NOT OK! second time it’s happened, think the landlord is a bit annoyed of this now. And to be frank I’m getting pretty poor because of this! But everything is gonna be fine now I hope! finger’s crossed!