tote bag


All from net a

Three black & white faves of mine!
The Michael Kors bag, that would go perfect for everyday casual looks! Also a good way to cheer up an all black outfit!

The brand LPD New York has made these wicked sporty t shirts with different designers name’s on and the number of the year they were born, wouldn’t mind having this Wang one!

And these Gianvito Rossi heels, love em!!

Do you like the items? :) And how do you feel about the black & white trend?



Some of my favourite bags at the moment, wouldn’t mind having these in my wardrobe!

You like any of them? :) Which one is ur fave?

Now, I’m out in town for a cup of tea with a friend of mine, todels! xx :)


Top left: Kate Moss book, Givenchy bag, Vogue book from, second row: Chanel make up bag, and brushes, Marc Jacobs wallet, Dolce & Gabbana bronzer, sunnies: , third row: Chanel black eye shadow, Givenchy wallet, (one can always need a bigger one! ha) Marc by Marc Jacobs key ring and usb, last row: Mulberry laptop case, white iphone 5s, Marc by Marc Jabobs iphone case, lenovo ultrabook.

My ultimate dream bag would be the Givenchy bag, and here’s some things I would love to fill it with, not really sure everything would fit… but one can always pretend and wish! ha! Now my birthday is coming up, (hint family, boyfriend and friends hint!! haha)

Sorry for the late update today, I overslept bigtime, but figured it’s ok, cause I’m ill!



So I’ve been lurking around for some bigger black bags,haven’t seen anything I like besides this one above, which I found at the website just now! quite like it! Love the shape of it and it’s details not so sure about the brown details though.. hmm will have a think, we’ll see, this one is a bit pricy, and considering there’s a risk that I might not use it that much, I should prob buy something cheaper, I’ll keep on looking!

P.s super duper tired today! And hungry, gonna go eat now, see you laters, and I’ll upload some outfit pics!