white shirt


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Quite into black & white photography lately as you can tell, did the ones with the black blazer the other day, so thought I’d do the opposite from those and make these with me wearing white and quite messy, like , or not?

Now I’m gonna cosy up :) ahh! can my cold disappear already?!


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shirt ny 3IMG_4272

This is the first Prague outfit! We arrived in Prague on Monday afternoon, so these pics were taken on Tuesday when we went out to explore the city! And as you can see it was snowing there too! But it wasn’t too bad :)  xx



nnew blIMG_2503

leather jacket: topshop, shirt: unkown, jeans: cheap monday, shoes: h&m, bracelets: mmm for h&m and vintage

A bit more of that black and white trend for you’ll!

Wowzaa that pizza I’m now having in some real good stuff, been eating it while watching that 70’s show, amazing combo! Yes today has been a day where I’ve treated myself :)

Ah dilemma, i’m about to get into a food coma, but haven’t finished my pizza, there’s so much left!  what to do?!?!

P.s my hair is dry now :) and feels super soft after my little hair treatment!


black whi

One of the trends going on right now is the “white and black trend” A very minimalistic and clean trend, which I really like! Here’s three great outfits using only white & black! It’s a nice simple look to pull off, you don’t need to complicate it for yourself, put on a white shirt and a pair of leather trousers, not only have you then pulled of this trend but also the “mixing rough with something soft” trend! So two in one! Win win!

How do you feel about this trend, like? not like? :)

Now I’m gonna go and have lunch with one of my friends in town, todels! xx :)






Coat: Whistles, white shirt: unknown, Mesh top: H&M, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: choies.com, cap: unknown, rings: bvlgari, gina tricot

Wore my mesh top today again, love it! But this time over a white shirt, which I thought looked quite cool! So did some shopping earlier on today, and had a family dinner, it’s a holiday in Macedonia today, where the whole family gathers for dinner, you then put a coin in the food, put the food on the table , spin the plate with the food around, three times, and the piece of food that ends up in front of you, that’s the piece you’re supposed to eat, and who ever gets the coin, gets lucky through out the year, and I got the coin this year, woohoo! 2013 you better be my year!



shot nyy


shoot jjjj

shoot glo

leather trousers: Nowhere, shirt: unknown, coat: Whistles, shoes: Urban Outfitters, necklace: vintage, gloves: Tiger of sweden

photographed by Michael Jones

Got the shoes on the pic from my boyfriend for x mas!! I love em! He’s so great with gifts, he’s a keeper he is! haha!

And I’m so so happy with my new camera and objective, makes all the detail pics look great! Will try and show you the camera tomorrow! x