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As some of you might already know, I’ve been spending some time in Sweden lately, sorting some stuff out before I’ll move back to London again :) London is so close to my heart, and I have such great memories from the years I’ve been living there! And super glad that I’ll be going back in a week or so, for a visit :D can’t wait!

 Here’s a few pics from the London days! The second picture is one of my fave london pics, It’s me and my friend Hanna, we’re having an amazing time it seems! ha :) so happy! The third pic is of my boyfriend, just a few weeks after I met him for the first time!

Pic 4: Me, Julia who I moved to London with and Line, check me out in my golden trousers, what up!

Pic 5: Me and Rebecca dj:ing, Pic 6: Me and the man :)

Have a great friday night everyone!! I’m having a cosy night in! xx

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 Gorgeous editorial from the W Magazine September 2013 issue, the models, Magdalena Frackowiak and Edita Vilkeviciute are photographed here by Lachlan Bailey.

I love the styling, the roughness, the colours, everything! hot hot hot! What do you think? :)

So today I’m going to the gym!! yep you read correctly! I’m am going to the gym, prob the first time ever, watch out everyone!! Mia schwarzenegger coming at you!! I’ll update you later on, if I survived or not! stay tuned!

Leather jacket: Rokit vintage

Hello hello! :) Haven’t done anything interesting today, it’s been laundry day you see, so no fun really.. Also been trying to figure out some blog things too, can’t manage to log in on my wordpress app, hmm fishy I say!

Anyways, just having a chilled out staying at home day, been pumping lady gaga’s applause tune all day! Oh yeah I’m totally feeling it! You heard it? U like? Now time to be a lazy bird in front of the tv :) hope u all are having a great day! Xx


WOW what a stunning editorial featuring one of my favourite models miss Georgia May Jagger in the August issue of Vogue Paris! It’s beautifully photographed by Lachlan Bailey!

This is one of my favourite shoots that I’ve seen in a while! The styling with the tartan mixed up with grungy accessories, looks amazing! What is your opinion about this shoot? :)

Now I’m on my way to my brothers place :) it was a while ago I saw my nephew and niece, miss them! We’re gonna go to their beach :)


Love the styling in this editorial from the Vogue Russia August issue, rock and grunge combined with some classic pieces, perfect mix! Do you like? :)

I had a great day! Been chilling out :) and now I’m at my sister’s place, just ate dinner and gonna spent the night at hers and have sister time :) last time we did this I ended up fixing her nails while we watched sex and the city, proper girls night! :)

Have a great Friday everyone!! Xx


Happy midsummer everyone! :) I don’t know where else you celebrate midsummer or if it’s just us sweds, or you celebrate it in Germany too right?

Anyways on midsummer you usually celebrate with your family or friends and have nice food, drinks and dance around a green big pole thing made out of flowers and other green stuff, so I need to get ready now to go to my friends house where were gonna be about ten people celebrating midsummer! Wooho! :)


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beach IMG_9073

Top: Acne, leather jacket: topshop, jeans: cheap monday, heels: h&m, wallet: hermés sunnies: brick lane london, necklace: vintage

This is what I wore when we went to the beach the other day, wasn’t really cleaver to wear heels, but to be fair, I didn’t know we were gonna end up there, also ended up just being there for like 10 min, cause it was freezing! And we didn’t expect that, but it was beautiful :) can’t wait till it gets real warm and you can lay on the beach and take a swim!

Been having a great day today, as I said before, I met up with my friend in town and sat down at a cafe, where I had the most AMAZING chicken bacon bagel, oh my, food orgasm I say! It has this sauce which was just to die for, yum! Have to go there again! We sat at the cafe for like 3 hours, crazy, the time ran real fast, guess we had a lot to catch up on! :) Then we took a little walk around town, and found this fab tree, pink and just perfect! Where we just had to take some pics, we were certainly not the only ones with this thought , pretty much everyone who passed the tree stopped to take pics of it!