Throwback Sunday, Back to Black.


I’m back in my home sweet home now after spending the entire weekend at my sister’s place :) been a very cosy weekend, with great food, beach time and movies!

Today and yesterday we went to this bigger beach which is a bit further away then the beaches near us, and the water and the beach is gorgeous there! So worth the little road trip!

Where we laid on the beach today, a woman that was about 30-38 years old and her two little kids came
a while after us and laid down behind us, and this woman had a gorgeous body! I was a bit amazed! Perfect tummy, bum and
boobs, wow I say! And she seemed so sweet as well, so when they later on moved to a different spot I just had to tell her that I thought she had a gorgeous body! And obviously she got real happy!

If you really like something on
someone or like something they do I think it’s really nice to let that person know, you know it will make them happy to hear! So why not ey? U with me? :) lighten up someone’s day! I’ve started to do that lately! And I always get happy by seeing them get happy! :)

Also noticed this other middle aged woman, that my sister apparently had noticed yesterday at the beach as well, and my sis said that it was a bit strange cause she changed three times that day, into three different bikinis!
And today oh my !! She got changed 4 times! With that I mean 4 different sets!
As soon as she been in the water and came up on the beach, it was time for a new bikini!

And I would have understood is she just doesn’t like laying in a wet bikini, but then I would have thought that u might just bring two sets bikini with u, so when your in the sea, the other bikini is dry for u when u come back, and then switch again,
but NO this woman never wore the same bikini twice, she must own a whole lot of swimwear! So in total over the weekend we saw her in 7 different bikini sets! Two days that was! Pretty impressing that’s even possible! Haha!

Anyways I’m home now and real tired, my hair is grouse, so time to wash it, can’t really be bothered but it’s time! I’m all sandy as well, time to clean up! Then just cosy up and watch something :) might even make Ben & Jerry to join me!



Went out to met up with my friend today in town, we sorted out some errands we had to take care off, and then we checked out some stores, my friend got herself a nice casual dress! And we both saw a nice black and silver belt, but we didn’t go for it this time, the thing is that I have quite a big phone bill coming up, so I’m not gonna shop for a while!  Then we sat down and had some nice food :), and then  we went home, came home like 2 hours ago, so been out all day :) real nice!

Hey tomorrow I thought I’d show you some pics of how I dye my hair! Thought it might be fun to show! So stay tuned ;)



Loving this editorial from the Numeró magazine April 2013 issue! The colours, black and white, in the snow, it’s all just amazing!

Hey it’s easter time today! The whole family is here, and it’s time to crack some eggs open! woop woop!

Hope you’re having a great easter! xx :)