“Photos: Clara Olsson, edit: Me” Top: Monki, shorts: Levi´s, Rokit Vintage, shoes: Rokit vintage, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: vintage

Throwback Tuesday.




Here’s a little sneak peek of the outfit coming up today! :)

So happy with these pics!! My dear friend Clara has taken the photos, and the location was also her idea, and it turned out so good! Can’t wait to show them all to you! So stay tuned ;) Really hope you like the pics too! :)

Saturday today, I’m having a cosy day in I believe, all my friends are working today, so just gonna stay in and sort out some blog stuff! :) What are you guys doing today?



Of the outfit coming up! :) Hello pretty horses!

So, I’m basically self toruting myself lately, remember how I said that I go to bed way too late, and therefore barely get any sleep, cause I wanna seem like a normal human being and not sleep away the entire day.. I also said I was gonna sort that out last night by going to bed earlier, did I accomplish that? No I did not. Obviously, crap, my self control is real shit, feel like the walking dead right now, this is like 4th day in a row I’ve done this to myself, wtf, time to sort yourself out Marija!! and get rid of those dark circles under your eyes! Looks like I’ve aged 6 years or something, NO time to get to it!



Morning everyone!

Hope you had a great saturday night, and a good night’s sleep :) I sure did! Went out for a few drinks with a friend of mine, been only drinking beer lately, and no drinks, but last night I felt it was time to bring out my fave drink  which is an Amaretto sour, oh hello I say! Almost forgot about this goodie!

Even though I’m from Sweden, just because I’ve been living in London for two/3 years? I’ve been spolied with the London alcohol prices! Here in Sweden , where I’m at at the moment, I still can’t really get used to the expensive drinks, I mean for the price of one beer in Sweden, you can get two pints in London, so once you’ve tasted a bit of the good cheap life, it’s hard to go back to the pricy way of living… who’s with me ey?

This is only when it comes to the drinks though, when talking about London rents… well that’s a whole new discussion…

Moving on, how gorgeous isn’t this pic of my friend’s summer house gate?!?  This is taken from when me and my other friend went to visit our dear Julia in her summer house last week! Their house is actually in a pen, cows and horses walkes around just outside their gate, can’t go anymore country side then this!! Also the sea is just in front of the house, wow!  I took loads of pics there that I will show you soon! :)

(Pssttt, Don’t you get a bit of a Winnie the Pooh feel from this picture and the font above? All dreamy! Wouldn’t suprise me if little Ior would pop up from the side)






Shorts: Levi’s, rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, shirt: h&m (old) tank: bikbok, sunnies: h&m , necklaces: vintage and Dolce & gabbana

I love this red check shirt, been having it for ages, and it’s still my baby! Felt it was time to put it on ;).

Quite a late post today, sorry, just came home from painting out cottage in our allotment, u see! Funny thing about painting, it always seems quite fun when you watch someone do it on tv or something but then once you do it, you notice quite quickly that it’s not as fun as it may look! And it takes ages! But it turned out very nice :) still have some more painting to do, but that will have to wait a few days!

Now I’m gonna make a bacon sandwich oh yeah!!! I so deserve it! Xx


The sneak peek of the outfit coming up later on today ;) so stay tuned ;)

Today has been my “doing errands” day, been to the doctor’s and took a blood test, I always hated taking blood tests, it’s not that in afraid of needles or such, I just think the whole process is uncomfortable. I’m one of those who easily can feel dizzy of it, and have even fainted once…

But last time I did it was in London, had a friend with me, and it was one of those drop in blood tests, so it went really quick, just needle in and out, and that time went surprisingly well, so figured this time
would too!

Went on my own, I was gonna be brave! She called me in and I sat down , and she made me wait for ages, so obviously I had time to build the whole thing up!

I told her that I was a real chicken when it comes to these things, so I got to lay down while she did it, think she took quite a lot of blood..started getting VERY warm, sat up and thought it went alright, then it started to get darker and darker in front of my eyes, I was like ”
Oh no, everything is getting dark now!”
So she laid me down again, and it made me feel a lot better, got a sweet and water, and I felt like a real pussy! Haha a proper drama queen!

I thought I was gonna rock it this time! But guess not, well well, some things never change I guess! Are u guys like me? Not into these things ? Or are u one of those cool and calm people?

So after that I had some things to get from the pharmacy and the shop, even managed to walk my neighbours dog a
little bit, and buy my other neighbour who’s quite old cigarettes. Felt real helpful, and I’m so connecting with the neighbours oh yeah!
My neighbour mojo is so on!

Now I’m having a little tanning session at the balcony :) xx




20130521-201610.jpg top: old tee, trousers: topshop, backpack: Rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, necklaces: vintage & dolce & gabbana, sunnies: brick lane London

I can never get enough of all black looks ;) not entirely black here though a tiny bit of white as well ;) to be precise ha ! So had a great day today , had a lush lunch celebrating my friend’s b day , there was three of us :) then I did some shopping, and finally found myself a nice bikini top ! Gonna try it on once more here at home and see , think it might be a keeper :) I then cooked a nice meal to my family , made a puff pastry that I filled with pesto & a little garlic & feta cheese, got the recipe from my friend she made it for her family yesterday and it sounded so good so had to give it a go, and it was a success ! I also made a lush chicken salad :) yum !