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Photo: Carnaby London, style hunter

Even though I look quite tired (this was after a whole day of shopping in central, so you get me) and my boyfriend seems to have super long legs, this is the best picture of us from my week in London, and it’s from Carnaby Street on the GQ magazine style night where we got snapped by Carnaby style hunter!






svart ny litenIMG_6800

svart och vit liteenIMG_6876

svartochvit litenIMG_6708

svart ny litenIMG_6840

Dress: topshop, sweater: Zara, denim jacket: Wrangler, rokit vintage, sunnies: topshop, shoes: creepers underground, necklace & bracelet : ur & penn, thin rings: Meloa, thick ring: vintage

Oh how I love my Zara sweater that I bought not very long ago!

What do you think of this outfit? :)

Have a lush evening everyone! xx



horses newIMG_5255


horses nyyareeIMG_5221



Denim shirt: Topshop, Levi’s denim short: Rokit vintage

Horses, lot’s of horses for you all :) They’re so pretty aren’t they! The black and white one were such posers, oh they knew it was a canon moment going on! and they were loving it!

Now I’m gonna cuddle up in the sofa cause it’s the season premiere of swedish hollywood wives! omg, i’m so excited to see what crazy stuff they’re gonna do this season!! xx



Of the outfit coming up! :) Hello pretty horses!

So, I’m basically self toruting myself lately, remember how I said that I go to bed way too late, and therefore barely get any sleep, cause I wanna seem like a normal human being and not sleep away the entire day.. I also said I was gonna sort that out last night by going to bed earlier, did I accomplish that? No I did not. Obviously, crap, my self control is real shit, feel like the walking dead right now, this is like 4th day in a row I’ve done this to myself, wtf, time to sort yourself out Marija!! and get rid of those dark circles under your eyes! Looks like I’ve aged 6 years or something, NO time to get to it!