Spices a la Morocco



Hello hello! Here’s some of the remarkable and colourful spices that I snapped during me and my sister’s Marrakech holiday, so pretty! The souk pharmacy was filled with these amazing herbs and spices, and may I add, it was pretty dusty inside, cause of all the aromas, but it was real cool to see! My sister bought herself some mint leaves to make tea of, as we fell in love with their typical sugary Moroccan mint tea the hotel served us every morning.

Now, a daily update, on today’s agenda there’s writing, a lot of writing for The Fashionography :) Besides that, not much gonna cook a lush dinner and chill out with my boyfriend tonight. Also me and the man got free tickets to sit in the audience at the Graham Norton Show in a weeks time, super excited, he is my fave comedian, and I adore the show! And last night we found out that the show’s guests will be Cameron Diaz (OMG one of my fave actresses, she is hilarious can’t wait!) Russell Crowe and Kylie Minogue, with other words it will be freakin AWESOME!





“Photos: Clara Olsson, edit: Me” Top: Monki, shorts: Levi´s, Rokit Vintage, shoes: Rokit vintage, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: vintage

Throwback Tuesday.

checkk ne

check 4 IMG_8994

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Levi’s vest: Rokit vintage, Leather jacket: rokit vintage , boots: rokit vintage, jeans: cheap monday, shirt: emilio, backpack: rokit vintage, lipstick: make up store colour mandy

Wore my new lipstick when we were out and about, so in love with it! Hot pink, yes! makes every outfit so much more fun! :) you like?

I’ve had a proper “taking care of myself” day today!, dyed my hair, had on a face mask and such, yes I did good! Then I sat in the sun at our balcony while having some nice tea and food! real nice :) tonight I’m gonna watch the voice uk, wooop all excited, ha, it’s mine and my boyfriend’s secret obsession. not so secret now though..

inspo 2


Some tuesday fashion inspo for you all! I adore the sporty look on the left, well cool!

Which is your fave look? :)

Gonna head out now,I have an errand to take care of, which i didn’t manage to do yesterday, and after that I’m having lunch with my dad and brother! Gonna see my 1 year old niece again, woho can’t wait to cuddle her up! And might see my cute 4 year old nephew too ! So nice to have kids around in the family!

Hope you’re all having a nice day! :) xx




WOW! what an amazing collection this is! Loving the choice of colours, the wicked leather jackets combined with the black bodys, Also the there’s a tiny bit of a rave feeling over some colours and some items which I just love! The shoes are also wicked! This collection is the perfect combo of minimalism, urban and rave all in one!

Ah just check out the nude outfit with the amazing hair! wow!  Genius that is!