On the Hill

on the hill


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Pic 1: Me and some of my girls celebrating my birthday! 2: Birthday lunch with my boyfriend, I had a lovely salmon sandwich! 3: My boyfriend got tattoed at my cousins tattoo place, he’s such a talented tattoo artist, you can find his website HERE! :) 4: After he got tattoed we went to Viggos, where they have the BEST burgers I’ve ever tasted, it’s a must when you’re in Lund! yum!!! 5: Me at the traintracks!

Just had my bath, aghhh so tired right now, been working hard all day in the boiling sun, burned myself a bit I noticed, well well… tomorrow I’m gonna go back there and do some more work, and work on a tan while I’m at it!


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Here’s some pics from when my cousin Bobby tattoed my boyfriend the other day, a ship attached to an air balloon with the Rolling Stones song title “Gimme Shelter” written on it. My cousin is one of the best tattoo artists in Sweden, so my boyfriend obviously wanted a bit of that talent on his arm! It was so nice and chilled out when we got to the studio, we sat down, he drew the tattoo, and we could listen to our fave music loud while we were there! We had such a great time! Great to catch up with my cousin too, he’s such a cool and fun guy, love him!

What do you think of the tattoo? :) My boyfriend couldn’t be happier, he’s so in love with it! We all are! I think it’s well cool! (pstt, the pic is taken right when it’s done, so it’s obiously a bit red and swollen at the time, now when it’s healed it looks even better!)

 You can check out my cousin’s tattoo website HERE! :)