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20130521-201610.jpg top: old tee, trousers: topshop, backpack: Rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, necklaces: vintage & dolce & gabbana, sunnies: brick lane London

I can never get enough of all black looks ;) not entirely black here though a tiny bit of white as well ;) to be precise ha ! So had a great day today , had a lush lunch celebrating my friend’s b day , there was three of us :) then I did some shopping, and finally found myself a nice bikini top ! Gonna try it on once more here at home and see , think it might be a keeper :) I then cooked a nice meal to my family , made a puff pastry that I filled with pesto & a little garlic & feta cheese, got the recipe from my friend she made it for her family yesterday and it sounded so good so had to give it a go, and it was a success ! I also made a lush chicken salad :) yum !


beach 3IMG_9075


beach IMG_9073

Top: Acne, leather jacket: topshop, jeans: cheap monday, heels: h&m, wallet: hermés sunnies: brick lane london, necklace: vintage

This is what I wore when we went to the beach the other day, wasn’t really cleaver to wear heels, but to be fair, I didn’t know we were gonna end up there, also ended up just being there for like 10 min, cause it was freezing! And we didn’t expect that, but it was beautiful :) can’t wait till it gets real warm and you can lay on the beach and take a swim!

Been having a great day today, as I said before, I met up with my friend in town and sat down at a cafe, where I had the most AMAZING chicken bacon bagel, oh my, food orgasm I say! It has this sauce which was just to die for, yum! Have to go there again! We sat at the cafe for like 3 hours, crazy, the time ran real fast, guess we had a lot to catch up on! :) Then we took a little walk around town, and found this fab tree, pink and just perfect! Where we just had to take some pics, we were certainly not the only ones with this thought , pretty much everyone who passed the tree stopped to take pics of it!



It’s the 30th of April today, which means that most of the youngsters in sweden will be getting pretty drunk today from an early hour! It’s cause it’s a special holiday! I was invited to a “wine breakfast” that started at 9 this morning, at my friends place, two of my girlfriends are down from stockholm, so we’re having quite the reunion going on! On a day like this, you really wanna go and have a few beers in the park,(we’re pretty much the entire city will be sitting), kinda depends on the weather when we will go to the park! hoping for a lot of sunshine!


burger ny

burger 1IMG_8449

burger airIMG_8556

Denim jacket, vest, shorts: rokit vintage,shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: thomas sabo, rings: gina tricot

I live by a burger place which apparently sells the biggest sausage in Sweden, (it says that on that massive orange sign) well well didn’t know that, pretty exciting ey! ha!

I went for a pretty pastel look the other day, blue, pink and purple hair!

This really random thing happened when me and my boyfriend took these pics, first when we got there, we noticed this mc bike kinda looking man inside the hamburger place buying food, he kept stearing at us for a long time, and once he bought his food, he left the hamburger place with a woman , they sat down in their car, while still staring at us, then he drove away, 5 mins later we noticed that he drove back, this time without the woman, he parked his car, and slowly walked up to us, kept staring, came real close, which we thought was quite uncomfortable.

Then he said “can I ask you what you’re doing?” I went “Just taking some pics for my blog” he said: “I noticed you took pics when I was inside the hamburger place, if you’ve taken any pics of me or of my car, I want you to delete them now!” Then he went back to his car and drove off again.

Super dodgy or what?! I got so irritated once he left, thought to myself, why the fuck would two people in their twenties be interested in taking pics of you , you self centered creep! Aghh, made me so angry! Hope I won’t run into that man again!



windyye IMG_7924


Jacket: rokit vintage, meshtop: h&m, jeans: cheap monday, shoes: creepers underground

Wore my tassle jacket the other day, long time no see, used to wear it all the time in london for a while, but haven’t worn it for ages, so thought I’d take it out for a little walk!

wowza i’m freezing now!, might hop in the shower! todelo! x

mm denim

mmm IMG_8009

mmmm IMG_8031

mmfm IMG_8010

mmmm IMG_8028

Denim jacket, Levi’s vest, vintage Doc Martens: Rokit Vintage, jeans: gina tricot, sunnies: topshop

Wore my new dark blue jeans today, that I got yesterday from my brother’s wife, woho love em, been needing a blue pair! So I did a denim on denim today, and put on my DM’s cause I haven’t worn them in a while, so it was time!

I’m so tired right now (feels like I always write that here?!), didn’t get enough sleep last night, said I would go to bed earlier, but obviously I couldn’t really stick to that promise… (if there would be something called the “stay up late addiction” then I would be an addict.. I just can’t seem to go to bed in time!! Hi my name is Marija and I’m a “stay up late” addict, Hi Marija!) I  did go to bed a tiny bit earlier then usual though! But, just layed there and couldn’t fall asleep for hours, which is the worst! So if I wanna survive tomorrow, I need to get myself a proper sleep tonight! xx


spooortts ne

sport nyyar

sport 7IMG_6459

sport nyare

sport nyy

So pleased with my new Topshop tee! Been wanting this one for ages, but never saw it in stores, then the first time it came online, it sold out real quickly, so thought, shiat, guess it wasn’t meant to be, but then they got it in online again, and I was fast enough to click myself home one! I love it! You can wear it as a oversized tee or as a dress! Also the new Zara shoes are on, just for the pics though, cause the weather doesn’t allow these kinda heels yet, still some snow out..

Also, I still feel quite ill, I’ve never had a cold before that’s been lasting this long!  A whole week it’s been, my nose is much better now, but my throat is a bit off some times, also my ear hasn’t got back it’s mojo, have a bit of a headache too.. ahh, stop it germs, stop it! :(