The Primrose Hill Fantasy

primrose hill done


I’m back from my London holiday, been planning for my official move back to London after being in Sweden for about two years, so in the end of this month it is happening, London round two! Can’t wait! Anyways, before dealing with flat hunting and everything that comes with a move, me and my boyfriend thought we’d take a week off together to chill out in London, and so we did, was real nice!

Here’s a few pics from a day we spent in Primrose Hill, my fave neighborhood in London actually,if you haven’t been, you have to go! It has a beautiful green hill where you can get one of the greatest views over London from + super cosy pubs and stores, also if ur VERY lucky you might run into some of the local celebs like Kate Moss or Jude Law, this time I sadly didn’t see either, but did run into the british retail queen, Mary Portas, who gave me a cheeky smile, hello excitement! haha!

Btw, got these new jeans from my man, yeah! Love em! my faves at the moment, wooho.


I should live in salt



Today’s, New skirt, sunnies and a new hat, hello!

Been a lush day today, been in the park with a friend of mine and after that me and my family had a BBQ, yum yum, can’t complain! Also for once I’ve actually been off work all weekend plus tomorrow, yeah! so gonna cuddle up in a bit with the latest episode of game of thrones and later some football!



top row from left: hat from comme des fuckdown, belt: fashiolista.com, denim shirt: fashiolista.com, Underneath from left: iphone cover: marc by marc jacobs, swimsuit: dope, shoes: acne

Love this belt, would look great with a pair of low cut black skinnies!  Also, been looking for the perfect denim shirt for a while now, still haven’t found it, would love it to be in the darker denim, like the one above! Can’t get enough of the Acne shoes, know I’ve posted them here a few times before, but they’re just too nice! I haven’t forgotten about the Dope swimsuit yet, it’s still super cool! And this marc by marc jacobs iphone cover, it’s just too cute! need it!

Now, I think I might head over to my sister’s, rumour has it she made some scones, who can say no to scones?!? I sure can’t!


I love all of these outifts! how cool isn’t Anna Dello Russo’s hat??!

Would love to have the red leather trousers outfit, love that whole combo!

Now, I’ve been trying for hours to figure out how to add a new code to my blog, can’t figure it out (I’m not a computer person ..), I know how to add a link, but this is a code, so it’s different, therefore the link widget won’t accept it cause it’s a code, help anyone? xx


Some real fashionable ladies here! Loving Anna dello russo in Saint Laurent hot hot!

Came home not long ago, with new hair, not too much of a difference to be honest, thought she was gonna make it a bit shorter, well well, i’m happy with it :)  I’ll show you it later, and some outfit pics! Had my new clothes on today ;) Also found some great bling bling for the styling job, exciting! Now I’m gonna be a complete bore and have a little nap, super tired, couldn’t fall asleep last night, and once I did, I just had nightmares :( so time to get some rest! xx



Hiyaa! So had dinner with the girls this evening, and kinda got the time wrong, so had to stress away! Therefore the blog has been suffering.. But today I managed to sew in my leather trousers, very nicely done if I may say, well proud, the thing is that there’s a zip in the middle of the leg, so had to sew in from both sides, so the zip won’t move, so I succeeded! woho! Might show you them tomorrow! Gonna cosy up now, peep show time it is! night! xx

And Oh today THIS song has been played many many times, hilarious song, such a tune!



neon 22



leather jacket: rokit vintage, vest: topshop, shirt: emilio, denim: cheap monday, shoes: choies.com, beanie: lindex, necklace: D&G, bracelet: MMM for h&m, ring: Bvlgari and gina tricot

Please note my nails! I have coloured nailpolish on them for the first time in many many years!! happy times! They have grown a tiny bit, so I’m so on it, hello future longer nails! Now have to decorate the x mas tree, to be honest I can’t really be bothered, cause I’m super tired, but it’s a must! todels!