Month: May 2013


heels : Zara, wallet: acne, bag: Zara, rings: maison martin margiela I love these items ! Especially the Zara heels , oh they’re lush aren’t they ?!? Went to Zara yesterday but they didn’t have them there , wanted to see them irl ;) today is a sunny day and my brother and his kids are comin over for a barbecue in our allotment, so I’ve prepared with some food , now I’m gonna head over there ! :)





20130530-181211.jpgleather trousers: nowhere, blouse: unknown , blazer: gina tricot, shoes: nilsons , bag : Hermes , sunnies : brick lane London, belt: vintage, rings: h&m Wore my blazer again , oh yeah I’m feeling the love to it! :) I went black & gold ;) xx


A few of my close ups faves ! :) Just on my way home now from having a nice lunch in the sun with my sister, I went all in and ordered myself a corona, what’s better then having a cold beer in the burning sun!?! I also did some shopping ! So happy with what I got ! Will show you as soon as I get the chance ;) Now I’m gonna go home chill out a bit before I head out again to see my friend , we’re also gonna sit somewhere outside , such lush weather!!!


Hey everyone ! :) oh my I just ran like a maniac to the bus , so close to miss it, thankfully it was a nice bus driver , he stopped when he saw me. So now I’m on the bus on
My way to Malmö to have lunch with my sister, it is surprisingly hot today! If I knew it would have been like this I wouldn’t have brought a blazer and a jumper … Well well at least I’m dressed all white so better then wearing all black today :) btw here’s a sneak peek of the outfit comin up !





20130529-204827.jpgBlazer: gina tricot, trousers: h&m , long sleeve top: (old) gina tricot, heels: h&m, bag: Hermes, sunnies: brick lane London , necklace: vintage, iPhone cover: Marc by Marc Jacobs , bracelets: vintage & Thomas sabo , rings : gina tricot. I wore my white trousers for the first time yesterday! So happy with them, they were on sale as well so it was a real bargain ! So great with a pair of trousers like these cause you can easily dress em up but also easily dress em down ! Win win ! So I went all white! No one’s prob seen me like this before, I usually wear a lot of black as you know ;) but me likey this, a lot more summery ! What do you think ? :) Also Marc (iphone) got to be in the pic too thought it was about time for him to make another appearance especially cause we totally matched ! Haha he’s a nice guy he is!


pics: google, twinfashionblog, camille over the rainbow Some Wednesday streetstyle inspo for you all ! My fave is the twinfashion one in the middle with the sport tee and leather skirt, so hot ! What’s your fave ? ;) I just came home from a day in town with mum , I got myself an eyebrow pen for the first time , thought it might be time to pay some attention to those guys, the pros of having a fringe is to not have to care that much about them u see! But it’s time !


Little sneak peek of the outfit comin up ;) stay tuned my friends ;) been trying to upload this post all day , but didn’t work but now finally :) I’m out in town with my mama today! Just eaten the best hamburgers ever ! Yum !





20130528-194742.jpg Photos: Clara Olsson , Edit: me. Shorts: Levi’s , Rokit vintage, denim jacket: Wrangler, Rokit vintage, shirt: Rokit vintage, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: a necklace from h&m, rings: h&m , shoes: creepers underground The American flag shirt came out yesterday ! Haven’t worn it for a long long time, so it was time :) What do you think of the outfit? :) Me and my friend Clara drove out to the yellow fields yesterday evening for a little photo shoot , all the pics turned out great ! And while shooting we listened to some loud lana music that we played from the car ! The weather was perfect, and we had such a great time! :)


Really like this editorial ! Bit sporty ! Wicked photos! Love it! What do you think of it? :) Now I might do a last try to wash out all the purple in my hair, bit fed up now with all the washing..