20130521-201610.jpg top: old tee, trousers: topshop, backpack: Rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, necklaces: vintage & dolce & gabbana, sunnies: brick lane London

I can never get enough of all black looks ;) not entirely black here though a tiny bit of white as well ;) to be precise ha ! So had a great day today , had a lush lunch celebrating my friend’s b day , there was three of us :) then I did some shopping, and finally found myself a nice bikini top ! Gonna try it on once more here at home and see , think it might be a keeper :) I then cooked a nice meal to my family , made a puff pastry that I filled with pesto & a little garlic & feta cheese, got the recipe from my friend she made it for her family yesterday and it sounded so good so had to give it a go, and it was a success ! I also made a lush chicken salad :) yum !



    1. oh thank you so much :D! yes it a great song, but nowadays when I listen to it I always think of Justin Timberlake & Jimmy fallon’s funny sketch when they sing it, haha! you seen it? it’s a must! xx

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