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Just on holiday in London at the moment! Here’s an outfit from last week! New skirt wooho! Also I’m so addicted of this top from Weekday! Been wearing it pretty much everyday over here, can’t seem to get it off of me! Recommended if ur in need of a “nicer” casual black top!





“Photos: Clara Olsson, edit: Me” Top: Monki, shorts: Levi´s, Rokit Vintage, shoes: Rokit vintage, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: vintage

Throwback Tuesday.




Here’s a little sneak peek of the outfit coming up today! :)

So happy with these pics!! My dear friend Clara has taken the photos, and the location was also her idea, and it turned out so good! Can’t wait to show them all to you! So stay tuned ;) Really hope you like the pics too! :)

Saturday today, I’m having a cosy day in I believe, all my friends are working today, so just gonna stay in and sort out some blog stuff! :) What are you guys doing today?



Morning everyone!

Hope you had a great saturday night, and a good night’s sleep :) I sure did! Went out for a few drinks with a friend of mine, been only drinking beer lately, and no drinks, but last night I felt it was time to bring out my fave drink  which is an Amaretto sour, oh hello I say! Almost forgot about this goodie!

Even though I’m from Sweden, just because I’ve been living in London for two/3 years? I’ve been spolied with the London alcohol prices! Here in Sweden , where I’m at at the moment, I still can’t really get used to the expensive drinks, I mean for the price of one beer in Sweden, you can get two pints in London, so once you’ve tasted a bit of the good cheap life, it’s hard to go back to the pricy way of living… who’s with me ey?

This is only when it comes to the drinks though, when talking about London rents… well that’s a whole new discussion…

Moving on, how gorgeous isn’t this pic of my friend’s summer house gate?!?  This is taken from when me and my other friend went to visit our dear Julia in her summer house last week! Their house is actually in a pen, cows and horses walkes around just outside their gate, can’t go anymore country side then this!! Also the sea is just in front of the house, wow!  I took loads of pics there that I will show you soon! :)

(Pssttt, Don’t you get a bit of a Winnie the Pooh feel from this picture and the font above? All dreamy! Wouldn’t suprise me if little Ior would pop up from the side)








What an amazing midsummer I had! Great people, great food and great weather! Win win!! Hope the rest of you out there that also celebrated midsummer had a real nice day too! :)

Let me get started off with the food, we all brought something to the table, and
Oh my! There was everything that you could imagine! Baked bread, salmon, potatoes, tzatziki, grilled food, and much more! A real success!

And then for dessert there was an amazing pie and an outstanding French chocolate cake, all served with cream and strawberries of course ;) then we had nice drinks, played great music and chatted away all night! We also played a real fun game towards the end of the night! It couldn’t get any better!

It was quite a while ago I celebrated midsummer in this proper way, so it was real fun to be able to do it this year! :)

I can also point out that I made my first flower wreath yesterday! But it turned out massive!
Haha, it looked like I was wearing a flower hat or something! In the beginning it was alright, we’ll at least people convinced me it was! Haha, but then after an hour or so, when it started to break apart a bit and just fell lower and lower down my head, it looked like I was poking my head out of a bush! Haha oh my, looked so funny!
I then got to borrow my friend’s one which was a lot more appropriate! She got two of her own so it all worked out! Xx



Wow what a fun day it was yesterday! Started off with the amazing breakfast at my friends place, all of us girls were there, there was everything, cakes, scones, sallads, brie, grapes, muffins you name it! And drinks of course!  After listening to some great party music, and a few drinks later, we head down to the park, were everyone was at, omg, don’t think I’ll ever seen that many people there before! Haven’t celebrated “valborg” as it’s called in Sweden for a few years, so it seems like it gets more and more people for each year! It was like a festival, with a dj playing and all, real fun! And the weather was on our side that day, no rain, thank god!

Didn’t dare to bring my camera with me, but took some fun pics that I’ve instagrammed, Check it out, I’m called theblackcape90 :)

base nyyaste


bas nyyyy

Leather trousers: Nowhere, tee: Topshop, Bomber jacket: Gina tricot, gloves : Tiger of sweden, shoes: Choies.com, Sunnies: Topshop

Got this tee and sunnies from Topshop in Prague :) especially loving the sunnies!

I just had pizza while watching new girl and girls, (yes, been a bit too much pizza for me lately, but whatever, I was in the mood for it!) Before picking up my pizza, which is basically just around my building, nerdy as I am I’d prepared a little joke about the pizza I was getting that I thought was pretty cleaver, so I went in, dropped my joke for the pizza guy, and it was a failiure, he just looked at me, didn’t even give me a smile, awkward moment haha! dammit! they have to like me in there, it’s my pizza place, and it was funny!!!

 Also might watch Beyonce life is but a dream tonight, have been quite excited about this documentary, so I hope it’s good! :)



denim: cheap monday, leather jacket: rokit vintage,neon beanie: lindex, shoes: choies.com

This was me today, went into town and my plan was not to freeze my ass off! Kinda succeeded, my legs were proper warm (had tights underneath, sneaky cheeky I know) but my jacket isn’t too warm , but it was fine! Wanted to wear my black denim really, but last time I did, I thought I was gonna loose my legs, they were SO cold, think cause they’re so tight, so no hot air comes in, just two ice cold legs! So grey it was, they’re a not as tight! Been doing some more x mas shopping today, and I’m exhausted!! My arms are killing me for some reason, and legs, everything just aches, prob cause we walked quite a bit, so now I’m just gonna chill, and watch something fun !