Morning everyone!

Hope you had a great saturday night, and a good night’s sleep :) I sure did! Went out for a few drinks with a friend of mine, been only drinking beer lately, and no drinks, but last night I felt it was time to bring out my fave drink  which is an Amaretto sour, oh hello I say! Almost forgot about this goodie!

Even though I’m from Sweden, just because I’ve been living in London for two/3 years? I’ve been spolied with the London alcohol prices! Here in Sweden , where I’m at at the moment, I still can’t really get used to the expensive drinks, I mean for the price of one beer in Sweden, you can get two pints in London, so once you’ve tasted a bit of the good cheap life, it’s hard to go back to the pricy way of living… who’s with me ey?

This is only when it comes to the drinks though, when talking about London rents… well that’s a whole new discussion…

Moving on, how gorgeous isn’t this pic of my friend’s summer house gate?!?  This is taken from when me and my other friend went to visit our dear Julia in her summer house last week! Their house is actually in a pen, cows and horses walkes around just outside their gate, can’t go anymore country side then this!! Also the sea is just in front of the house, wow!  I took loads of pics there that I will show you soon! :)

(Pssttt, Don’t you get a bit of a Winnie the Pooh feel from this picture and the font above? All dreamy! Wouldn’t suprise me if little Ior would pop up from the side)